Monday, February 18, 2019

on eagles wings

Today our class and a neighboring classroom are planning a walk to the public library where we will see a presentation intended for children on a non-school day. With the plentiful in-climate weather days, the district scheduled school on a previously planned teacher in-service day. The local librarian also scheduled a wonderful presentation from the national eagle center for families looking for educational options in town. We are reaping the benefits of a field trip coming to town!

I have several parent volunteers who plan on joining us on our walk to and from the library--should be a fun day!

Update--it was a fun day and the kids had a blast. We received a very nice message from the presenter:

I wanted to thank you for coming to the Eagle program today. Also to reach out and let you know that the presenter, Jared, complimented our group and said that he was hugely impressed with the behavior of the classes that came. He told me that he often has much more difficulty getting groups to be calm, and that our group deserves HUGE praise for how well they did for the entire presentation.

I am just so thrilled to have a presenter give me rave reviews of our kids. Way to go, all of you.

2 year old eagle named Latsch

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