Saturday, January 30, 2016

still progressing

Brad finished most of the walls in the new bedroom and is started at finishing the ceiling. K and went out to buy a few furnishings including a desk/dressing table, a bedside table, a couple of lamps and a new comforter. All of the above are second hand and I'm looking forward for it all to come together.

Comforter $2
2 lamps $5
desk $65
stool for desk $15
bedside table $50
just as you are coming down the stairs

under the stairs next to the freezer

from the doorway

the cool pine wall (south wall near the stairs)
the corner of the south and west wall

cat in the hat

A tried out for the MMS production of Seussical and was cast as Cat in the Hat.

Here is a photo from another production the role of Cat in the Hat

and here is a description of the part:

purpose in the show is to provide opportunities or
motivation for the other characters
to advance the story line. He serves as the emcee
of the show and is constantly prodding the
other characters into action. The role requires impeccable timing, both musically and comically, as well as fluid movement. This role demands a major commitment in time and emotional involvement.
Vocal range
: tenor/baritone

winter program

RFPME had our annual winter program. O sang about Cooperation and Peace. He enjoyed being an entertainer much like his big brother and sister.

Our grades sang What a Wonderful World, the Kindness Song and the Honesty Rap. The program lasted just over an hour and was truly enjoyable. It was even better when it was all done. The teachers went out afterward and did a little trivia and unwound. It was a nice evening.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

first haircut at a salon

our neighbor cutting his hair

wasn't too sure about trim around the ears...

no longer thrilled to get his photo taken after a haircut at age 14

the twins are 21 today!

The wonderful Blomgren twins, Kyle and Adam turned 21 today. Wishing them all the best in their lives.

photos posted by cousin Diane

I REALLY LOVE the photos that my cousin, Diane posted this past week. I didn't realize aunt Audrey had such long legs and how much my aunt Jeanie looks like her Momma--the photo of her feeding or playing with her dog. 
Audrey, Jeanie and my Dad--one of my very favorite photos of Dad as a child

va va voom!

I believe this photo was taken on June 16, 1930--Margaret and Clarence's wedding day

Sunday, January 24, 2016


I enjoy keeping a tally of expenses--especially when you can do a lot with a little.

For new bedroom:
metal studs--approximately $300
pine boards--free material, not sure cost of cutting into boards--cost incurred over 5 years ago
4 sheets paneling from ReStore--$60 total
outlet covers ReStore $2
door frame from ReStore $6
door--included in cost of purchasing our home
painting supplies and a carbon monoxide/smoke alarm and wiring for alarm--$164.03
electrical supplies for three lights and two outlets--approximately $200

For converting dining into living room:
ceiling fan (Craigs List) $45
paint supplies--$110
round dining table chairs--$150

We sold:
buffet for $200
dining room table $200

still have a hutch to sell and two couches--maybe get $150 for all

So far, we paid about $200 to flip our crowded dining room/sitting area into a comfortable family room/dining area

with old couch which now is home to a 2nd chances employee

new dining area

super Saturday

Yesterday, A woke up early and traveled to New Richmond for a music festival where he joined other musicians in our area who happen to be 8th graders and performed four wonderful songs.

After he left for his practice, K woke up and we realized she hadn't enjoyed her birthday breakfast yet:
birthday cake from her birthday--A adding "music"

helping sister with her candles

breakfast in bed--bacon, Life and hot chocolate

After doing some work on K's room, we loaded up and headed to New Richmond and their beautiful auditorium for A's concert:
impressive venue

the assembled band

the program

he's Euphonium (listed on left column)

order of the event

leaving the stage

Then we traveled north to visit Bud after his knee replacement surgery on Monday. He looked great! We got to see Ibby and her children, Betty and Bud, Pumpkin and dined on yummy pizza.

We drove home last night and I finished prepping the wall for painting today.

more update

Here is the most recent changes to K's downstair living space:
Brad installing a panel (from ReStore)

the pine wall from reclaimed pine at the hunting shack--door jam from ReStore)

scrubbed wall that is prepared for painting

another view of the cinder block wall

view from her room into the playroom (door from upstairs used to divide living room from breakfast nook)

another pine wall (pine facing into the bedroom)

Thursday, January 21, 2016

feels balmy

It was a balmy 9 degrees this morning and it felt like a whole new world. Just proves that it's all relative.

save the date

We got a save the date card in the mail...eager for June 11, 2016!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

holy smokes it's cold

It's really a wake up call when the temperature is in the negative teens. I'm so thankful our typical temperatures are much more comfortable. I would imagine ski club is cancelled for this afternoon, but I'm just waiting for the call.

Thinking of Grandpa Bud and his knee surgery. Hoping he can spend some time inside during this very cold snap.

she's 10

my most precious daughter is now a 10 year old. Our celebration was small, but heart felt. We love you KGO to the moon and back again.

football fever

It has been so fun watching the fire light under our five year old. He is really enjoying watching football and talking strategy with his brother and sister. It's amazing to me how much they all know about the positions (I think A is a great teacher) and can play relatively safely in our living room.

To our childrens' delight, the Packers ended their season as did the Seattle Seahawks. The Super Bowl will be fun to watch in the coming weeks.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

44 and 118 years ago today

On a cold January 16, 1972, I was baptized at First Lutheran Church in Butterfield, MN. 74 years before that on January 16, 1898, Nels Martin Pierson was born in Skane, Sweden. I'm sure he was born in his home. Today feels much the same as it did 44 years ago. I wonder what the weather was like in 1898 in Skane...
Nels is sitting on the couch next to his grandson, Kurt. I'm the little girl in pink opening a gift.

status update

The electrical is looking good with lights turning on, outlets working in K's new room. I meant to take some other photos at the very beginning, but here we are nearing the end of stage one.

january girls

Some of my very favorite ladies have birthdays in January. My dear friend Julie Annette celebrated her 44th on the 13th. On the 12th, her sweet daughter Libby celebrated her 10th and on the 18th, my special KGO will be celebrating her 10th.

Here are L and K very close to their 10th...

swimming in Lindstrom

Last night, Osten, Brad and I drove to Lindstrom, Minnesota to see the River Falls Wildcats face Spring Lake Park and the Wildcats of Chisag...