Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kindergarten Registration

Today was the day of Kindergarten registration for our sweet five year old.  I had written on my FaceBook page about mentally preparing for the event.  Several responses were shared by friends including a note from our five year old's preschool teacher, Mrs. Kaiser.  Apparently the little girl we refer to as Katie has decided that she should now be called "Kathryn" her given name. 

After asking Katie about this, she says that she will now be Kathryn as she is heading into Kindergarten.  At registration, she signed her name Kathryn on her name tag and everyone called her that.  I think it may take me some time to get used to, but she does have a lovely name. 

Got a chance to catch up with Anders' Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Eggimann.  She thinks Katie will do just great in the transition to Greenwood.  We are thrilled!  We also recognized several people who were being registered and we excited to hear that Katie will have another Anders in her grade next year.  Great things are bound to happen. 

Here is a photo of the newly registered Kindergartner, Ms. Kathryn Olson

and a photo from our after registration date at Earth Angels coffee shop for a cup of hot chocolate.

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Anonymous said...

What a delight! Kathryn now. What she doesn't come up with. Always good for a smile and a good hearty laugh.

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