Saturday, February 2, 2019

epic cold day 3--the coldest of all

January 31 was the coldest of the three days, but quickly started warming to the warmest of the three  days.

Here is a photo from Angie's thermostat:
according to Accuweather---
High -3
Low -28

Thursday was a home day where I cleaned cleaned cleaned the bathroom and breakfast nook/kitchen. It was pretty startling how dirty my kitchen and breakfast nook floors were. I hope they never get that dirty again.

We ate lunch and then I picked up Osten's buddies Coulter and Mr. Wil and we went to a bounce house at our church for a few hours and off to Mei Mei's cookies for some refreshments.

After dropping the boys at home, I went to pick up Katie from a sleepover at her friend Rachel's house. Then it was home to enjoy the last few hours of a very very long weekend/cold spell. 

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