Monday, August 28, 2017

back to life, back to reality

Today was my first official day back to school at RFSD. Meetings and making really cool nesting boxes for the story of the universe to the atom.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

happy happy happy birthday beautiful Betty Jean

The generous, kind, beautiful, helpful and excellent Betty Jean Swanson Olson was born this day in 1945. Enjoy the anniversary of your birth. We are thankful for you.

this is from Betty's cousin, Dave. It's my handsome husband, brother Brent, Daddy Bud, sister Ibby and beloved Momma Betty

great MN get together and records day

On Friday, Osten had a play date at his buddy Coulter's house. We then picked him up and went to the MN State Fair. On our way there we discovered a new grocery store called Restaurant Depot--Brad is planning on making a big fish boil for church as had the ability to purchase on behalf of the church. It is like Sam's Club but even more bulk! We bought a bunch of red potatoes, onions, cod, butter, salt and even more for the fish boil.

The store was right across the road from the fairgrounds, but we would have had to pay $20 to park there while not shopping. We drove to a park and ride where we got shuttled to the fairgrounds. We arrived at about 5pm and found Ryan right away in the dairy barn. We then walked out and saw Jim and Darla Hoppe who directed us to a great stand that sold delicious chicken, egg rolls and rice. 

Katie, Brad and Osten drove go carts, Katie and I went on the space needle while Brad and Osten went on the sky ride. Rain was on its way so we hurried back to the shuttles to get back to our car. Osten had a long conversation with a fellow bus rider about his day. He talked about the food, the rides and about all the people he saw. It was fun to listen to his recounting of the day. As we were riding on the shuttle, the rain started. We arrived at our car and drove back to River Falls. 

Katie had found a $5 bill on the way out of the fairgrounds so we opted to drive to DQ in River Falls to order treats from Anders. We arrived at 10pm and ate some really delicious treats--chocolate shake for Osten, smoothies for Brad and Katie and I had a mini blizzard.

Saturday was a rainy day and Katie and Osten started and finished their 4H records...whew!

next stop Red Wing, the Kinni and Hudson

Thursday morning, the kids reminded me that we wanted to go to a waterslide before the summer was over. Mission--Red Wing waterpark.

We departed home at 11:30 and arrived in Red Wing at noon. We ate lunch at Randy's--a fast food place that we believe is unique to Red Wing where we dined on fried chicken. Then to the water park where we were just one of a few families enjoying the sun and water. Osten mustered the courage to go on the waterslide himself which was a big rite of passage for him.

We got back home at about 3 when Brad and I packed up the kayak and canoe and went for a paddle down the Kinni. For the first time, I almost swamped my kayak when I got caught on a fallen stump. I was able to get out and then pull to shore when Brad and I dumped the water out of my craft. The water was running really well and we had a great time! We arrived home at 6:25 when I jumped in the shower to head to Hudson with girlfriends for dinner.

Dinner at San Pedro del Este. Seven of us--Jen, Sharyl, Sarah, Angie, Gretchen, Michelle and myself ordered everything on the menu which had 14 different tapas and shared. Great to catch up with friends and eat really great food.

Home at midnight after a really incredible day.

day in Stillwater

On Wednesday, the 23rd, Osten, Katie and I went to Stillwater for the day. We first went to Teddy Bear Park to climb and explore, then toured the shops, had some treats (popcorn, popcorn ball and a lollipop), went stationery shopping, ran into the Mitchell's and shopped for baby Blomgren at a fun boutique. The sun was shining and great times were had.

Thanks for a super fun day!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

happy belated birthday Henry Loren!

In the midst of Jenna and Cody's wedding celebration, I forgot to highlight the incredible Henry Loren Quintana. You are 9 years old and you are just filled to the brim with life and energy.

I hope we get to celebrate with you Labor Day weekend!

superman Henry holding two of his cousins...

flowers of August

these plants are getting eaten up by those little Japanese beetles, but they are still pretty

the cattle tank is just filled with color and life

my daddy plants from friends Sarah and Kim

my RFPME flower sale plant

Monday, August 21, 2017

happy 10th birthday Trenton Anders!

So our nephew Trenton is so cool that he made a solar eclipse on his 10th birthday!


photo from online source of  today's eclipse

another photo of the eclipse today

goodbye Blomgren hello Hauser

On Friday night, Katie and I drove to St. Cloud for the rehearsal of Jenna and Cody's wedding. We had a wonderful time and I got a chance to visit with the woman who was officiating the service. She had lived in St. Croix USVI in the mid-1980s and had worked for uncle Bruce and aunt Julie.

Yummy pizza and drinks at a bowling alley in Sartell ended our evening with the wedding party and then Grandma B, Katie and I drove back to our fancy hotel suite.

We slept very well, had breakfast and then got Grandma B to the church for pictures at 12:30. Katie and I shot basketball hoops, swam and then got ready for the wedding. We arrived with just 11 minutes to spare and thankfully had a space close to the front to sit. It happened that the other reader and I wore matching colors. The service was lovely and I teared up just a bit when Jenna and her daddy walked down the aisle.

After the service, we went to the hotel and I got to see my Brad, Anders and Osten who drove separately because Anders had marching band and work commitments. The reception area was gorgeous! With a reclaimed wooden heart for guest to inscribe their names and well wishes. We picked our name cards up and proceeded to pick out our seating.

Before the wedding party arrived, there was a social hour poolside where we got a chance to mingle and enjoy beverages. After they arrived, we went into the dining room and enjoyed speeches by the best man, matron of honor and father of the bride. We got to see a few incriminating posters of Cody as a younger man. Cody then wrapped it up by thanking us all for attending.

Then came more socializing and the DANCE! We had a blast dancing and I don't think we spent much time anywhere else all evening. At midnight, we retired to our room and had very sweet dreams.

Congratulations Jenna and Cody. May the glow of your wedding day never be dimmed.
lighting the unity candle

the 2001 cousins trying to be very tall

the royal blue wearnign readers

grandma and granddaughter walking to the reception

Mom and daughter at the reception

remembering those who have passed...

Mom and Kurt dancing

Osten and Stella dancing

guess who caught the bouquet?

grandson and grandma after a long evening...

the happily married couple

Kaitie, Jenna and Kyeanna before the wedding 

Jenna and her wedding party

Kaitie and Vance

Kaitie and Cody

my new great niece Stella and my someday niece in law Kaitie

Thursday, August 17, 2017

my sweet niece

On Saturday, my very special niece Jenna will no longer claim the Blomgren name. She will be Jenna Hauser. I couldn't be happier and am so happy that you have found such a terrific soul mate.

Cheers to you!
When the  photo taken we were two Blomgren girls. Now our last names will be Olson and Hauser

drill week

Our ACO has been working away at perfecting his part in the Marching Wildcats field show. His day on the field starts at noon and wraps up at 9pm. We are so proud of you Anders!

Here's a photo of the 2016 Wildcats as they were about to perform at the Vikings Stadium last fall

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

he's a Wildcat

Our 7 year old started touch football on Thursday and had his 2nd practice last night. He and good buddy Wil are both going to be playing. I believe there will be four 1st and 2nd grade teams so we will see if they are placed on the same team. 

O showing off his big boy helmet

Osten and Wil playing in the backyard

hike on the Kinni

Yesterday the 2 younger kids and I biked down to the Kinni to take a hike. The afternoon was sunny and not too hot. We made it to the 2nd falls with the kids abandoning their shoes shortly after photo one and then wondering where they were when we arrived at the 2nd falls. We live in a beautiful community. 

super fun weekend in St. Paul

On Friday, Katie and I worked in the 4H food stand, I was a herdsmanship judge for the horse and small animals and then we scurried home to pack for our weekend in St. Paul.

We drove to Hotel 340--swank--and then went for dinner at a yummy burger place. After eating, we walked to the Lynx game where we suffered our 3rd loss of the season to the LA Sparks. We also saw a speed painter unveil the new Lynx logo at half time. We received pint glasses with the new logo and then walked back to our beautiful accommodations that held two king sized beds (boys in one girls in the other) and two bathrooms.

Saturday morning we walked to the Irish Fair and watched sheep herding, a man cook potato soup and young ladies clogging. Every girl had a curly pony tail weaved into their natural hair. Katie noticed how they held their upper body completely still. It was a great cultural experience. We ate there and then walked to the light rail to take a ride to the Minnesota Capital.

We were unaware that the building was open for the first time to show off the renovations. Absolutely breathtaking. We got to see Nels' seat in the house of representatives and then rode the train back to our hotel where we took a dip in the pool.

Saturday evening, we drove to Bloomington and ate at a buffet that had sushi and plentiful Asian food. Our destination was the play Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Wow. Still one of my favorite musicals. Then back to our hotel and great sleep in our king sized beds.

Sunday morning we at a yummy breakfast at the hotel and then went to the Como Zoo and then to a restaurant for lunch. Our last stop was the JJ Hill House. Our guide was pretty amazing as we went back in time. Osten got a chance to play the part of Walter Hill...who was six years old when they moved into their home.

Thanks family for a memorable weekend!

340 lobby

our room

so excited for the stay!

one of the beautiful lamps in our room

dinner on Friday

Mom and son at dinner

at the game

speed painter in action

enjoying a coke with a name close to his...Andrea

Osten with a Coke with the name of his imaginary puppy "Bennett"

enjoying the fair together

capital rotunda

Katie in her cousin's seat

happy judge

family photo taken by a police officer who had a conversation with Osten about her tools--cuffs, gun, taser...

the pool at our hotel

the program from the play

Como Zoo viewing

JJ Hill house from the 2nd front of the house (overlooking St. Paul)

swimming in Lindstrom

Last night, Osten, Brad and I drove to Lindstrom, Minnesota to see the River Falls Wildcats face Spring Lake Park and the Wildcats of Chisag...