Tuesday, April 30, 2019

and there goes April

Today is the last day of April. I see the daffodils are just starting to blossom in the front of the house, the little white flowers out front are blooming. Anders will be playing his first varsity tennis match this afternoon and Katie is heading to school right now for another day of 7th grade at Meyer Middle School.

My running bunch did a 4 miler this morning and I'm soon going to sign out to get cleaned up for another day at RFPME. Osten is doing his morning routine of having a cup of hot chocolate and running laps around our breakfast nook/living room and kitchen. He will soon be heading to an invigorating day of 2nd grade at Westside Elementary.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

end game

at the Falls Theater today getting ready to watch the Avengers End Game. It was so fun to spend three hours and one minute with this beauty.

prom 2019

Anders is heading to his Junior Prom tonight. He is flying solo, but will be meeting up with friends at the event. I'm so happy he's decided to go tonight...it was a highlight of my high school career and I hope he has a blast!
Here is he is through the years with a group of friends he made at Greenwood and whose Moms are still friends:
Anders, Joey, Jack, Peter, Alex, Joe, Michael and Austin

Jack, Braedon, Austin, Anders, Dominck, Joe, Alex and Peter

Joe, Michael, Austin, Alex, Braedon, Joey, Dominick, Jack and Anders

guess what, he's a Packer

Osten has been anxiously awaiting the start of the spring football season. His wish came true this morning. He was "drafted" by the Packers. The Packers played the Broncos and were victorious 26-6. Osten made a 2 point conversion and his buddy Coulter scored a touchdown. Fun game. Osten is playing with three students from my classroom and Brad was the head coach (filling in) this morning. It was a fun morning!

Never thought I would say it, but go Packers!
 Osten with Gavin and Coulter

Osten and Coulter

shopping and sleepover

Last night, Katie and a group of friends were delivered to the Mall of America by Quinn's Mom Molly. Then they went to Aili's house for a sleepover. Needless to say, Katie looks a little tired this morning, but it sure looks like she had a lot of fun yesterday!
 Molly driving Mya, Aili, Quinn, Shirin, Lily and Katie

Aili, Shirin, Mya, Katie, Quinn and Lily

spring pops concert

Thursday was a FULL day and the icing on the cake was seeing our beautiful song bird with a boot take the stage to sing in the Lori Moe Pops Concert. Great job select choir Katie Cat Corn!


Most days, I would say being a teacher is the best EVER! We just read a story about Auggie and Wonder...how everyone is unique. This little sweetie drew a cool accompanying illustration. Just couldn't resist sharing.

We are all wonders.

bouquet of the day and football in the yard

here are the sweet little purple flowers growing outside Katie's window

here is the eager football player playing in our front yard

Monday, April 22, 2019

it's earth day and the rain is falling

Today we had indoor recess and most of the day was spent listening to a light rain falling. I just love the sound of rain, but I think some places are really not liking the flooding that has been happening due to the plenty of rain. I hope it all balances out in the end.

drive home, Steak N Shake and 9 miler on a beautiful Easter Sunday

We awoke on Sunday morning and started preparing for our journey home to River Falls. We opted to skip formal services and spent our time in the car listening to the Twins and Brewers games.

In northern Illinois, I realized our opportunities to stop at Steak and Shake were limited so we stopped at one in Beloit. It was really delicious. 

We arrived back in River Falls at about 4:45pm, unpacked and then I started out on my 9 mile training run. It was really hard, but I did it! Took nearly a full 2 hours to do the run with a 1 mile cool down. I was so pooped afterwards, I took a bath and hit the haystack...didn't even eat dinner. 

can not throw away my shot

Saturday morning much warmer, less windy...ahhhhhh. Drove to a yummy breakfast spot called Manny's (both Obama and Clinton have dined there) for a delicious breakfast Reuben and some the best cake donuts ever. Met Julie's nephew John and his wife Sarah there for breakfast.

Then back to the house to prepare for the show at 2pm. Walked to the el again with Ibby, Mike, Joe, Henry, Dehlia, Osten, Johnny May, Anders, Brad and I. Julie and Bruce drove Betty and Katie to the show due to their sprained ankle and frustration with walking. We arrived at the CIBC theater, got to our seats and were thoroughly entertained for 2 1/2 hours. I purchased shirts for the kids and I and we also bought some refreshments.

Then onto Millennium Park to the see "the Bean"  and to dinner at a sweet little restaurant called Remington's...WOW.


We got an Uber back to the house and then celebrated Isaiah's 13th birthday. I was pretty pooped out after two big days so kind of vegged on the couch and called it an early night.

Hamilton was incredible. The man who played Hamilton had an unbelievable voice. I'm so happy I saw it live.

my kind of town...

at the beautiful BnB 

the grand staircase at the BnB

 Henry hanging out on a cool landing

Osten enjoying at hotdog at the Cubs game

Dehlia, Grandma Katie and I walking to the Field Museum

Chicago is. Woke up to sunshine and the infamous Chicago wind. Walked to the El station on 47th to take a ride to The Chicago Field Museum with Betty, Dehlia, Julie and Katie. WOW! It was quite an experience traveling the Timeline of Life--the geological history of our earth.

Katie and I then ventured out into the world of retail where we first tried to go to the top of the Willis Tower (90 minute wait so we skipped), took the trains to a Fjallen Raven store where I purchased a new jacket. Took the train back to the Magnificent Mile where we walked and walked and walked until we found Katie happiness in American Eagle, Hollister and Aeropostle. Back to the train and to our stop on 47th. Ate yummy Chicago style pizza and then went to a Blues club with Sara, Ibby, Johnny May in an Uber. Danced for a while and then headed back to our house to get a good night's sleep.

 Sara, Johnny May, Ibby and I going to the Blues Bar

Friday I logged 28,182 steps and 98 floors. It was a very athletic day.

busy Thursday

Last Thursday, I prepared for my substitute, Brad dropped by to pick me up from school, Ibby dropped Joe off to ride in our vehicle and we packed up to head to Eau Claire.

Picked up Anders at his first tennis match of the season (he lost 8-3) and drove all the way to our home rental in Chicago early Friday morning. It was a fun Thursday!


swimming in Lindstrom

Last night, Osten, Brad and I drove to Lindstrom, Minnesota to see the River Falls Wildcats face Spring Lake Park and the Wildcats of Chisag...