Thursday, June 30, 2016


Our 18th wedding anniversary is nearing and we were racking our brains to find a great way to celebrate our marriage. We opted to build our marine fleet and I have a "new to me" kayak and Brad is purchasing a "new to him" solo canoe. We should be able to take both to the Kinne or up to the Boundary Waters or up to the cabin on Wood Lake.

Wenonah for solo canoe and Perception Carolina 12.0 for the kayak

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

4H camp bound

Lil Miss K is heading bound for camp Kinnissippiwa with her dear friend Ellea. Thanks to Eryn for taking their photo and I'm so excited to hear about their adventure.

math grant

I'm in year 2 of a wonderful math grant that focuses on the math practice standards related to the common core. Right now we are having meaningful discussion. I actually love attending classes on being a better educator even on a beautiful day.

Monday, June 27, 2016

the Pierson gathering

Pierson reunion 2016 is in the books. We had a great turnout for a beautiful day at Memorial Park in St. James. Here is a list of the 56 participants:

Ashely's little man
Nels III
Nels IV
Kyle Sr.
Kyle Jr.
The Pierson cousins

Saturday, June 25, 2016

85 to 81

We have a window air conditioner. We finally relented and installed the unit. In about 1 1/2 hours the temperature has dropped from 85 degrees down to 81 and humidity is sooooo much better. Thank goodness for technology and electricity!

happiness always to the love birds Kyle and Kim!

Happy 23rd anniversary to the lovely couple Kyle and Kim Blomgren! Love you both and love the family you have created.

This is a few years old...but it is beautiful

fun friday

We left Luther Point in the morning after seeing a beautiful deer in a meadow, eating a delicious brunch, attending a great closing campfire and saying goodbye to friends Moses and Conner. O also got to see his friend, Gracie at closing campfire as she was picking up her older sisters Lily and Abigail.

Then we got to the lake where we swam in the lake and then welcomed Nate, Kimberly, aunt Diana, Micah and Natalie. Had fun eating pizza, drinking beer and catching up. We drove home and I'm playing catch up on laundry now ;)

Bud in his car

deer in the meadow

closing worship

O catching a ride

Micah driving

in for a wild ride

saying hello to sweet Gracie

day 2 at camp

Day 2 at camp was a bit chilly in the morning and warmed right up in the afternoon. On our way to the banquet, O took a digger on the road and visited the ouch house for some Batman bandaids. He was up to running shortly after the incident.

Cousins Henry and Ivan participated in the variety show in the evening and then we had a really great bonfire/song time/s'mores before snuggling in to watch Finding Nemo in the retreat center.

Ivan, O, Connor, Henry and Moses--Moses and Conner new friends

the cousins

showing off his Batman Bandaids

at closing campfire day 2

O enjoying his s'more with counselor Rachel--one of the 3rd and 4th grade counselors for the 2006 cousins

grandma camp

Our six year old has been talking about and asking about grandma camp for quite some time. Once again, I was blessed to be an acting grandparent at "Grandma" aka Grandparent camp at LPBC.

The weather was perfect. The kids made new friends and it was a great experience for us all.
opening worship for Grandparent camp

playing pool in the game room

How do you like camp...double thumbs up!

Henry the horse carrying around cousin Ivan

playing an enormous game of jenga with a little boy named Prince from Tanzania

camp success

Luther Point 3rd and 4th grade camp has been deemed a success by our four Olson/Quintana/Swanson attendees. The weather was great and much learning and growing happened on the shores of Wood Lake.
photo from pick up

their addition to the cabin wall

Monday, June 20, 2016


The Summer Solstice is upon us! 5:25am sunrise sunset 9:01pm. Yee haw!

luther point for the 2006ers

The Swanson/Olson/Quintana cousins of 2006 are currently at Luther Point Bible camp for their first overnight without grandparent camp. We dropped them off yesterday in the sweltering wind and today is one of the most incredible weather days EVER.

I have faith they are having a blast!

happy birthday Kyle Dean Sr.

Kyle Dean is now 52 years young! Happy birthday wonderful, kind, smart and fun brother.
a fun photo Adam posted of he and his Daddy

nasty clouds

On Friday, our little family drove down to Mountain Lake to the Miss Mountain Lake pageant. The skies of southern Minnesota scared our three children and invigorated them at the same time. K told us she wants to be a storm chaser when she grows up.

About the pageant. I think there is a lot of talent in Mountain Lake, but our niece Liana performed a beautiful song/guitar piece called "Hallelujah". It was really terrific! Another girl wrote and performed a piece of lovely music on piano. She was outstanding. She swept the competition. Miss Congeniality, talent and Miss Mountain Lake. Congratulations to all, but we were most proud of our Liana Marie and her shining smile.

gardens of plenty

Our gardens are really looking quite lush right now. I'm hoping they continue to receive the "just right" amount of rain and sun.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


I got a call from my Mom last night letting me know that the home they have lovingly cared for the past 23 years was not on the market long. The family that made an offer just knew that my parents took excellent care of their beautiful home. They do have time yet, but they currently are looking for another domicile that is more well suited to their needs.

Thanks for all the memories 924 Mt. Lake Road.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

summer schedule

We are settling in nicely to our summer schedule. I spent a fair amount of time yesterday getting our calendars onto google drive so we can make sure kids are covered going from point A to point B.

Our six year old decided he wanted to take the bus to summer school this morning, so Brad and I accompanied him to Greenwood Elementary so he could board the bus to Westside. I then biked over to Westside to make sure he made it from the bus to his classroom. All went well today, we will see how the return trip goes.

Just after that, I biked to Anytime to get 4 1/2 miles on the Elliptical and some stretching/planks. I arrived at home to get $10 to our 15 year old as he was heading on his bike to speed and strength at the High School. We are figuring to make it on the football team this fall, it's best that he stay in shape.

Our 10 year old is spending her hour of screen time playing Sunken Secrets on her Kindle. A nice cool breeze is drifting through out living room and I plan on spending some time writing thank you notes to children for the lovely teacher gifts they bestowed at the end of the school year. I also am planning on writing notes to each child thanking them for a fun year and wishing them a wonderful summer.

photo from end of summer 

Monday, June 13, 2016


Today, at O's t-ball game, I had to grab a sweatshirt. After the tropical conditions of the weekend, this breath of fresh air made me feel very chilly. It felt great.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

the table

During the service, pastor Johnson talked about gathering around the table as a family and sharing a meal. Stuart's best man, Joe mentioned Stuart's selflessness and his sharing his family with Joe aroujd meals at the Blomgren table.

Kyeanna and Stuart had a guest book at their reception which was a refinished oak table that they asked people to sign so they could have the table as a place for people to gather throughout their marriage.

Very cool.

cutting the cake with a sword

their guest book table

happiness always Mr and Mrs Stuart Blomgren!

An amazing wedding day was witnessed by many yesterday. It was a scorcher, but it was absolutely perfect--from photos at Lagoon Park to the musical message, the thoughtful sermon based on gathering around the family table (more about that later) and the pastor sharing letters that Kyeanna and Stuart had written separately about when they "knew" that they had met the "one". I thought they planned it, but no, they both chose their first date and when Stuart slyly tried to put his arm around her shoulder and instead found a lofty perch to place his elbow. That is when they knew they should marry.

Reminders of Ross were noted throughout the day with the color orange winding it's way into the floral arrangements and during the toast portion of the evening.

Thank you Stuart and Kyeanna for sharing your mutual love and for including Katie as your Jr. Bridesmaid and making us all feel a very special part of your big day.

starting the day with a swim

makeup by the bride

oooh la la

with cousin Jenna

the party!

bride and Jr.

father and son


chasing the ring bearer

Mom and son

sword arch


our table mates

k + b= 4ever!

loving the wedding dance

cousins love their Stuart

Clay and Vickie with their new granddaughter Kyeanna and all grandchildren who were able to attend

swimming in Lindstrom

Last night, Osten, Brad and I drove to Lindstrom, Minnesota to see the River Falls Wildcats face Spring Lake Park and the Wildcats of Chisag...