Saturday, November 30, 2019

48 and loving it!

So far, it's been pretty amazing being 48!

Started the morning with setting up our family advent calendar, now updating blog, next folding laundry and then driving south to the Blomgren Thanksgiving celebration. Looking forward to a terrific day.

Here is some decorating I've done so far for the holidays:

marathon day

On the 29th, the day started at 3am when Katie and I drove with Ibby and Dehlia first to Forest Lake Walmart, then to Lino Lakes Kohls, onto Lino Lakes Target, finishing Lino Lakes shopping with Good Will and finished our morning shopping at Bed, Bath and Beyond. We did eat twice first at McDonalds and secondly at Denny's in North Branch.

The start of our annual tradition six years ago   Ibby pushing Dehlia around Kohls--Dehlia had stubbed her toe on Thanksgiving

at our final stop--Bath and Body Works

We got lots of good deals, did a good deal of laughing and I found my favorite store to shop was Good Will.

After we said our goodbyes, Katie and I went to a couple more shops including Famous Footwear, Claire's and the Gap.

Back to River Falls where we unloaded our shopping finds and started packing for our trip down south to the Blomgren gathering. Then Katie and I got dressed up for a trip into St. Paul to see the musical Six at the Ordway. It was our mutual birthday gift.

Seeing Rice park on our walk to the Ordway and the Playbill outside the Ordway
Enjoying a pumpkin spice latte in Rice Park  The stage before the performance

Ready to watch the show celebrating our 14th and 48th birthdays

We had quite the adventure...parking was wacky. We ended up eating at Starbucks and then later at Cosetta. The music was great and the show entertaining. We got home about 10:30pm to find Dad, Anders and Osten at home!

Last note--I became an auntie 32 years ago today...with the birth of my beautiful niece Jenna Louise

Thursday, November 28, 2019

happy Thanksgiving!

We are now on the other side of Thanksgiving. Winding down, getting ready for bed and getting ready to wake tomorrow morning at 3am with Katie, Ibby and Dehlia.

It was a fun day. Ibby and I worked out this morning and decided to sign up for a 10K together in March. Then we spent the day getting ready for the feast. I peeled potatoes and made a countdown chain for our family's trip to the MN Vikings versus Green Bay Packers game on December 23rd in the US Bank Stadium

Brad and hunting party of Anders, Joe and Henry still didn't get a deer, but they have been having fun playing pinochle.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our loved ones!

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

birthday party birthday party

Today, I will be treated to a birthday party by my terrific in laws Bud and Betty--wild rice hot dish and a yummy spice cake are on the menu.

Right now, I'm updating blog, uploading photos to Shutterfly, will work on and order our holiday cards, will work on our calendars and will try to work on some books for Anders and his final year of high school--may be biting off more than I can chew, but it's good to have a goal in mind.

Katie is still sleeping, Osten is watching television, Brad and Anders are up north hopefully slaying deer.

I will add photos once I have done some collecting. Here's to a restorative day and birthday party celebration!

scurrying north to dodge the storm

Last night, the Olson's departed their cozy nest in River Falls to head north for deer camp 2019 and Thanksgiving with the Wood Lake Olson's. We left after school/tutoring/swim practice and ate dinner at the Village Pizzeria in Dresser. Katie and Karen were in the Prius and Brad, Anders and Osten were in the Caravan. Brad took the lead to Dresser and Karen took the lead to Wood Lake.

Brad's vehicle had to slow for a few fawns near Somerset and Karen's vehicle had to slow for a black bear running parallel to highway 48 close to our destination. It was a bit startling to see a black bear, but I'm happy to report, Brad didn't even see the bear when they drove in the same place.

We made it to our destination and then Brad, Anders, Henry and Joe headed farther north to deer camp. Because of the forecast of heavy snow, Karen, Katie and Osten opted to stay at the lake so we didn't get stuck up north at the shack. Warm, comfy and cozy are we!

So thankful to arrive safely and looking forward to the upcoming days off and getting caught up on projects for the holidays.

new haircut!

Anders had glorious hair for his role in Les Mis. Swimming season has started so his beautiful locks were going to get shredded by the chlorine. So Monday, November 25 comes along and his mane has now been trimmed and is ready for speed in the pool.

Swim, Anders, swim!

Sunday, November 24, 2019

cleaning day--decorating for the holidays and Frozen 2 Oh my!

We've already had some fun today with me teaching Osten's Sunday School class, Osten and I being ambassadors at church this morning, Osten heading to his buddy Jayden's to play, Katie and I having lunch, updating the blog.

Yesterday morning and early afternoon, I spent time getting the house ready to decorate for the holidays. The breakfast nook, kitchen and living room got a thorough cleaning and organizing (took four hour and included scrubbing walls, vent and taking down light fixtures to wash. Some rearranging of stuff took place as well.

In the afternoon, Osten went to his buddy, Patrick's birthday party and Katie and went to the craft fair at the high school to buy some new decorations for the outside space to decorate for Christmas.

As soon as I publish this blog post, I plan on bringing down the decorations I plan on using this year and then we will head to Falls Theater so we can see Frozen 2 at 2pm. After that, we will go to Hudson to pick out gifts for our church's Giving Tree and then come home to do a little decorating.

Hopefully Brad will be home sometime soon from opening of deer season so the Olson family can be reunited!

final curtain

Wow, I thought this night would have been more emotional for me personally, but it was really a nice evening. The show sold out--people even sat in the crow's nest and the very front row was opened up. People jammed together and the house was completely packed. The players rose to the occasion and put on another incredible performance.

I do have to say, that Eponine's songs brought be to tears especially "On My Own" as did "One Day More" "Empty Chairs and Empty Tables" and the final song brought one little tear...the after show was a whirlwind with talking to friends and trying to snap some final pictures.

It's been quite an adventure and I would love if Anders continues to find passion and joy in performing. We shall see what the future has in store.
Anders as the creepy foreman (on top of the bridge)

Gavroche on top of the bridge (Osten's 3rd favorite character)
The ABC Society gathered around the table during the Red, the Color of Our Blood song

Javert's last fall

favorite characters--Alex as an ABC Society, Natalie as Eponine and Dennis as Thenardier

meeting his third favorite character, Gavroche

friends since Kindergarten and after many plays together--Anders and Alex

Anders with a good friend, Ari Silver (I think he will be a famous singer one day)

Osten and his second favorite character (after his brother of course) Harm AKA Javert

Anders with the lovely Cosette (Carolyn)

another amazing evening at the theater

Friday night was another magical night on stage for the RFHS players and their presentation of Les Mis. Almost all the seats were occupied (58 left according to the ticket selling site)
the barricade

one day more

Dehlia excited to present Grantaire with his rose

Anders spying us across the commons

his Quintana fans giving him a hug

Joe, Dehlia and Henry with cousin Anders 

Anders and his girlfriend, Maddy

Anders with auntie and Godmother Ibby

his write up that played before the curtain rose

Thursday, November 21, 2019

just had to publish

This a reaction I saw on FB about the River Falls Les Mis performance. It was incredible.

What an amazing performance...I have been to Les Miserables in London, Minneapolis multiple times and Detroit but my FAVORITE was at the opening night at the River Falls High School. I was in heaven as I listened to the most incredible voices, amazing choreography...beyond my expectations! I hope these talented students stay in theater...I will watch for them on broadway someday.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019


Today, the River Falls High School theater had a flashback to musical 2015. They wrote this as the tagline:
Anders burst on stage four years ago and his energy has never dwindled. He harnessed that amazing energy and turned himself into a leader on stage. Check him out for his final bows this weekend.

and here he is in his stage debut as donkey in EIEI Oops

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

happy birthday beautiful people

Happy birthday to several people. First to the late Kimberly Weaver Olson. Thinking of your family today as you are celebrating your 45th birthday in heaven. 
Happy 26th birthday to our amazing ring bearer Stuart Martin
You are soon to be the father of two...

long day

On Monday, Brad was not at home so we were moving a little more slowly than normal. Instead of going to workout, I did a Leslie Sansone walking video. Osten came out and told me he wasn't feeling well. He wasn't running a temperature, but his nose was definitely runny. We still sent him to school where he perked up when his buddies arrived.

I have started tutoring after school on Mondays and Wednesdays and yesterday was my first day. It was fun hanging out with the three girls and worked on some fun math works.

Got home and made dinner--Katie started the pancakes for me. Anders arrived with crazy swimming hair--swim season has begun! Then it was an early bedtime for us as we recovered from a long day.

family fun at the play!

The Blomgren's are in the house! On Sunday, Vivian, Kent, Kurt, Kim and Abby Blomgren all came to River Falls High School to watch Anders on stage for another production of Les Mis. Some other pretty incredible people also joined--sister Katie Olson, brother Osten Olson, Mom Karen, auntie Loie Zellmer, Kim's Mom Pat, Abby's roommate, cousin Dionne Swanson and uncle Bruce Swanson.

The program didn't disappoint. All were amazed by the talents of the cast, the orchestra and of the crew. What a wonderful experience. Thanks to everyone for traveling the miles to see Anders in his final year on stage at RFHS. Bitter and sweet.

so proud of #13 grandchild

visiting with uncle Kent

Anders and his buddy Ben (Gavroche)

Anders with cousin Abby

Kim, Pat, Kent, Abby's roommate, Abby, Anders, Kurt, grandma and Loie

grandma B, Anders and Karen

Osten, Anders, Katie and Karen

swimming in Lindstrom

Last night, Osten, Brad and I drove to Lindstrom, Minnesota to see the River Falls Wildcats face Spring Lake Park and the Wildcats of Chisag...