Sunday, May 31, 2015

happy birthday grandma B!

May 31 will always be Grandma B's birthday. Missing that spunky and well spoken woman on the anniversary of her birth.

with Kent and Kurt on their graduation night in 1981

grad party extravaganza

Yesterday was grad party day. We drove to Cleveland MN to attend my cousin Trudi's eldest son, Ryan's graduation party. Beautiful location and perfect decorations and food-EGG ROLLS!

Then we drove to River Falls attend our friends, Garth and Jen's daughter Sydney's graduation party. O loved the dogs, K loved the horses and A loved the video games ;). We got home at about 11pm so we put in a full day of celebrating.

corn detassling in his future?

A may have a summer job on the line. My cousin Tammi and her husband own a seed corn company. They offered A a job yesterday for as little as a week this summer in the corn fields near Dassel. MN. We shall see what the summer brings and we will keep in touch with them. I think it will be a great experience!

graduation Montessori style

Friday evening, our Kindergarten and 6th graders enjoyed a lovely evening in the gym for graduation. After the graduation there was an all school picnic--yummy and fun. So happy to be part of the community.

baseball game

A had his second game of the season on Thursday--didn't go as well as the first, but the New Richmond Tigers had the River Falls Wildcats by about 5 inches easily. They will continue to grow and gel as the season progresses ;)


In going to Thomas' graduation party, we got a chance to hang out at home with Mom and Dad Blomgren. We got a great opportunity to fly kites at Kyle and Kim's place and have a little bonfire. We also went out to the cemetery to see Ross' gravestone that was just placed. It was really peaceful and lovely. We also saw Grandma and Grandpa Pierson and Brian Schlomann. It was a beautiful Memorial Day.

great grad party

Thomas Matthew had a beautiful graduation party. We had the opportunity to see all the children of Clarence and Vivian Blomgren and several cousins and friends.

Kent was there with Abby and Anna
Kurt was there and Vance was pulling up just as we were leaving
Kyle, Kim, Adam, Liana and Ryan were there
Cory, Joan, Thomas, Evan and Trenton were there
Karen, Brad, Anders, Kathryn and Osten were there

We also got to see uncle Butch, aunt Marilyn, Aunt Loie and Aunt Ruby

It was also great to see many cousins.

Thomas was named one of the tree valedictorians of his class! What an accomplishment.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

heading south

In a few minutes, we will be driving south to Thomas' graduation party! We are eager to see family and celebrate a great accomplishment.

Oh the places he will go...

amazing day on the lake

On Saturday of Memorial weekend, we spent the day at Bud and Betty's on the Lake. Kim, Nate, Natalie, Micah, Ibby, Joe, Henry, Dehlia, Bud, Betty, and our family got the last parts of the dock into the lake, the boat into the lake and spent time waterskiing, tubing, fishing and building fires.

We also got a chance to see Ibby's new home in Grantsburg. Really cute and nice a nice lot that she and her family will use well. The home is currently under renovations, but I think it will look really great when it is complete.

first ski

first fish

roaring fire

cousins tubing

he's a grad

Congratulations Thomas Matthew Blomgren at being the valedictorian of your class at Lamberton High! Love you and are proud of you and the amazing person you are.

happy birthday dear O

Our baby is 5 years of age on May 21. His smile, his dimples, his energy make us a happy family of five. Thank you dear O--smokey lonesome, plam plam hookah nanny son jay for being the sweet little individual you are.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

choir concert last night

The 7th and 8th grade choir concert was last night. They sounded really great and our little neighbor girl, Charlotte, who is celebrating her 14th birthday today sang a BEAUTIFUL solo. Got me a little choked up.

A looked great and did a beautiful job performing. Tonight he is in her first baseball game of the season.

Go Big Guy!

field day photos

So my friend Carrie took photos of K on her field day. I think I'm going to have to hire her as my photographer forever.

at the finish of the mile LOVE the grin

beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful Haley!

On Sunday, Haley, the bestest co-teacher in the world came and hiked, biked and dined with our family. She came with wonderful news of her adventurous soul.

It was devine!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

green day on the river

Our class had a really great day at the Kinni yesterday. Our whole school had an environmental program at the river which is about 2 blocks from our school building. Here a parent volunteer is reading the Lorax and the kids are participating with props. It was a fantastic day of hands on learning.

Friday, May 15, 2015


placed today. You are Marching in the Light of God.


It was a busy week this week with A catching that HUGE fish early in the week and then on Thursday performing at his spring band concert. They sounded really together and strong. Our favorite song was a combined 7th and 8th grade song called the African Marching Song--it was the tune to a hymn that we sang at Trinity Lutheran in St. Croix--we are Marching in the Light God, We are Marching in the Light of God...

Great memories.

he's second from right in the back row

he is 3rd from right 

the mile run

K won a first placed ribbon at Greenwood Fun and Fitness Day. She was the first placed runner for 3rd grade girls with a time of 7:59! Go K go!

peace and pizza

On Tuesday evening, our school hosted a fun family event called Peace and Pizza. We ate pizza and talked about ways to find peace in the family. We have such a fun school community!
My friend Jen and her son Jacob enjoying the program together.


Is it a coincidence that I was riding my bike to work on Wednesday and thought about Haley, my beautiful and radiant teaching assistant in the Virgin Islands and this afternoon received a message that she is in town and would like to visit? Gigantic smile...HUGE.

SO excited to reconnect with her on Sunday.

convincing boy...

master player...He loves to play and make noises. He especially loved having Grandma Betty take him shopping and buying him treasures. Thanks for loving our little boy Grandma Betty!

big fish

A and B went fishing and caught some VERY large fish. A 32 1/2" Walleye and some other very nice catches. They had a terrific trip.

happy mother's day!

Mother's Day was a mixed day. We slept in, called Grandma B and learned of my Uncle Butch's severe heart attack--at the time, he was in ICU. The rest of the day was wonderful. We went out to brunch with Bud and Betty, Ibby and kids and then went to the library to see the beautiful artwork on display:

our class exhibit--Spoons

K with her optical illusion artwork

fun Saturday

On Saturday morning, we drove our 9 year old to a really neat home outside of town. The house is built on the inside of a pole barn! She went to a birthday party at the fun zone. O and I went back into town and did some house cleaning and had a nice lunch together. We picked up K at 3 and then went to buy flowers and proceeded to beautify our outside space. It was a glorious day. We landed into bed together and watched movies until we fell asleep.

heading north

Brad and A left for the Minnesota fishing opener on the morning of Friday, May 8. Thankfully, Grandma Betty came to pick up kids and take care of O while I was at school. When I got home, the kids and I went to our favorite Friday eat out spot...Subway eat Fresh.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

game changer

14 years ago, my parents rushed to Normal Illinois to meet their 13th grandchild. There he was, ACO! Happy birthday to our handsome and talented, kind and charming first born son!

We love you infinity and beyond!

cinco de Mayo

Yesterday was such a peaceful day in our classroom. It was funny because last week was a bit crazy and I talked to Ibby last night. She said her school was the same way--kind of kukoo last week and really peaceful on the 5th.

Monday, May 4, 2015

may the 4th be with you

This morning, we greeted one another that way in our classroom. It was pretty sweet. Another beautiful day in the neighborhood!

may 3rd

Another day of swim meet and another absolutely beautiful day! Here are some photos:

swimming in Lindstrom

Last night, Osten, Brad and I drove to Lindstrom, Minnesota to see the River Falls Wildcats face Spring Lake Park and the Wildcats of Chisag...