Tuesday, June 30, 2015

mission complete

I now know that I should start lesson planning a little earlier in the evening, but I also know that as a Pinterest is pretty incredible for finding awesome lesson ideas for God's Promise to Abram, the Parable of the Fig Tree, the Prodigal Son and Mary anointing Jesus.

Thank you technology and all the beautiful people who share their ideas.

Monday, June 29, 2015

downton fever!

I have once again contracted Downton Abbey fever. My family is having to endure my devotion to completing the series. I have just finished season three and have moved on to Season four. It breaks my heart to watch Mary moving on after the untimely death of Matthew...Brad thinks it's all pretty funny and I would too if I had more sense ;).

After I'm done with my lesson writing, I think I might try to sneak in just one more episode...

Ike's baptism and 1st birthday

We left Mountain Lake early on Sunday to attend a really cool service for sweet Isaac Michael Olson at Messiah Lutheran church in Mankato. Right after the baptism, we went to Jake's Pizza to celebrate his first birthday. Welcome to God's family and happy birthday on the 7th Ike!

After the birthday celebration, we went to campus to check out our old stomping grounds and also had refreshment at our favorite coffee place, the Coffee Hag.
Ike's baptism

MSU fountain

the Hag

mmm chocolate milk


the fountain

railroad days parade

On the 27th, we were home for the St. James Railroad Days parade and got to see brother Kurt in a float and also saw my good high school friend Tami on the same float. We also got to see Miss Minneapolis (Kaitie B.)  on her Dad's convertible. It was a memorable evening.

Kurtie Martin

K and K

Ms. Minneapolis

dragon with a surprise!


happy 22nd anniversary Kyle and Kim

Happy anniversary to Kyle and Kim on the 25th of June!

wolves of North America

I was able to accompany K on her field trip to the Wildlife Science Center near Forest Lake, MN with her summer school class, Wolves of North America. It was a beautiful day and we saw many wolves, both red and grey, some fox, some black bears, two mountain lions, several dogs, two baby skunks, a weasel and a hedgehog. It was a really fun day of learning and exploring.

passed Bubbles!

O passed his Bubbles class and is being invited to level 1 next year. He is so fun to watch in the water.
O with his buddies Raena and Kennedy

O with Garth

O, R and K

ready to move to the next level!


O is having so much fun with t-ball this year. He loves playing with Will and hit a home run on the the 23rd..it was so fun to watch him run the bases.

waiting to bad with buddy Wil

up to bat

making a hit

what do I do now?

rounding home

celebrating the home run with coach and Wil

writing some lessons

Tonight I'm searching for fun activities for 3-5th graders to enhance the Sunday School curriculum for our church. I'm searching for activities related to God's Promise to Abram, the Parable of the Fig Tree, The Prodigal Son and Mary anointing Jesus.

longest daylight of the year

It's hard to believe the longest daylight hour day of the year has come and gone. I adore the long summer evenings here in the upper Midwest!

happy father's day!

There are many great father's in my life--much love to Clarence, Bud, Brad, Kent, Kurt, Kyle, Cory and Brent.

new house

Ibby and her family will be moving into a new house very soon. We got a chance to see the great new floors that have been installed and the beautiful little cottage they will call home. I'm really excited for her new adventure!

fast forward 2 weeks

My last post was nearly two weeks ago on the day of my dear brothers' birthday. K had a terrific time at camp with her cousins and announced that next year she will let the little one's have their turn and she will go to big kid camp with her big cousins. I think that will be a wonderful adventure.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

happy happy birthday dear Kyle Dean Blomgren Sr!

Happy birthday dear brother! So happy to hear your Lady Slipper bloomed...it was the 6 month anniversary of Ross' death, just making the bloom even more sweet.

camp part deux

I'm realizing I didn't take a photo of sweet K tonight as she was heading to bible camp. I trust Betty will take a photo or two of the kids as they leave her place tomorrow. I will see her tomorrow anyway as I will be picking Julie S. up at the airport tomorrow morning and driving her up to Grandparent camp.

This is K's fifth year of attending and her eagerness is not diminished.

swimming lessons boy

O just started swimming lessons yesterday. He is having a blast! Just so happens we know two of the teachers and they are really terrific with the kids. Sydney is the lead teacher and my friend, Maggie's son, Garth is also a key teacher. There are about 10 teachers and 20 children. It is a comfortable ratio and the teachers do so well!
I hope A will show an interest in this great program in the coming years. I found out from Maggie there is a class provided through high school so hopefully he has the chance to take the class.

taste of art

On Sunday night, Brad and I went to PRI's Taste of Art. Brad's cousin, Dionne has been a part of PRI for many years and is an amazing artist who also happens to have Cerebral Palsy. One of her paintings was up for auction and the winning bid was $200. She was so pleased and I'm just sad we weren't the winning bidder.  

Here is a quote from Dionne from the PRI website and an example of her artwork. Her current piece was the silhouette of a tree in an evening sky. 

Art means that I can be expressive and free, not always trapped, it is just an extension of me.”

~ Dionne, Artist

every other day

I've noticed that every other day has been sunny/rainy. We are having one of the most beautiful early summers of my recollection. Everything is so green and growing!

Thursday, June 11, 2015


It's pretty apparent that KGO is not here...the house is a measured amount quieter. Last night, Brad and I had the opportunity to get our workout done really early and now I'm spending the afternoon watching Downton Abby courtesy of my friend Teri and her collection of DVDs. Its nice for a few days, but I miss my little Beata.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

some favorites

I take a lot of photos during the school year and don't post a lot, but here are some of my very favorites...

t ball green

Mr. O started his baseball career this morning with 5 year old t-ball. Neighbor Will happens to be on the same team...pretty eager player!

heading to camp

On Wednesday, June 10, K departed for 4H camp at a camp on the St. Croix. I think she will have a blast!

baseball games

The River Falls Mini-Traveling team has been having a great year so far in the Western Wisconsin league. They usually have been behind heading into the last innings and they pulled another win out last night. I believe their record is 5-2 for the season. Last night, A got on base all three times with 3 walks. He did pitch the last out of an inning. He is having lots of fun playing ball this year.

with coach John

heading home for a run

thinking of stealing home

z's grad party

Little Zae LeFaive graduated from Owatonna High School and his Mom and Dad had a lovely party in his honor. It was great looking WAYYYYY up at him and getting to see his Mom and her family. Got to see friend BethAnn and BR and walk down memory lane.

swim meet!

Saturday morning/early afternoon was the River Falls Swim meet. A and K had great times and there were lots of smiles.

A and his friend Alex and other girls

Alex and K

Claire and K

last teacher day

On June 5, we had our very last teacher day of the year. Had to say goodbye to Emily, Jessica and Mitch. Jessica and Mitch were long term subs and Emily got a new job at another Montessori school in Chaska. I will miss their energy and great ideas.

last day of school

It was hot, it was dirty, it was heavy, but with the help of my "brutey kids" we stacked bookcases, moved a lot of materials and the classroom is put to bed for the school year.

Thank you for a beautiful learning year!

field day

June 3rd was our field day. We walked to Glen Park, had snack and then I led a group on a nature walk by the Kinni. I had some strong upper elementary kids that helped me lead. We found water bugs, a huge crayfish and were able to identify poison ivy. One Mom shared that her son's favorite part of field day was my nature walk...I smiled because really the upper elementary kids were the ones who lead, but it still made me smile because that shows what a great program Montessori is!

crayfish in center of picture just under the big rock

my awesome upper elementary leaders

the 2nd

June 2nd was a beautiful day to spend at the Glen Park pool with upper elementary. The upper elementary family invited our four sections of 3rd grade to the park for a picnic and swimming. I was the lucky 3rd grade teacher to go along. It was so fun observing children who are just a little bit older than what I typically spend time with--they have different needs and are much more independent.

Here is our upper elementary team--Emily, Sue and Mitch. They are a great group and I'm thrilled that I had the day to spend with them.

welcome summer!

June is here and summer is upon us! June 1 we were still in school and was the last Monday of the year. A had a baseball game and we watched his team win. I think he's really having a great time playing the game this year.

swimming in Lindstrom

Last night, Osten, Brad and I drove to Lindstrom, Minnesota to see the River Falls Wildcats face Spring Lake Park and the Wildcats of Chisag...