Wednesday, February 20, 2019

oh what a beautiful morning!

This morning, my running pack--Maggie, Abby, Sara and I went for a two mile jog arranged when we discovered we had a snow day today. We assembled at Maggie's house at 8am and then jogged to Brad and Bruce's new office to say hello to Bruce and looped back around to Maggie's house.

The snow was so elegant in it's descent, but I even more appreciated the companions who were jogging at my side. Thanks for a lovely run today friends! Our distance (according to my FitBit) was 2.45 miles and our pace was 11 minutes 30 seconds.

I wish these photos captured the incredible giant flakes falling. Pretty spectacular. 

By the way, as of 9:50am on February 20--the snow depth in River Falls is 4.8 inches
Now as of 10:23am is 5.3 inches...a 1/2 inch in 30 minutes. 
Now as of 12:15pm it's 6.2 inches
4pm--7 inches

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