Sunday, May 19, 2019

room switch

Last night before I headed out for the evening, we started the process of switching Katie and Osten's rooms. Katie has been upstairs and decided it was now time to head back down to the room originally made for her. While I was out, she and Brad finished the moving process and she slept soundly in her new room.

I snagged a couple photos of Osten's room:

old voltage

Last night, good friends, Trish, Julie and I met to listen to one of our friends from college play with his AC/DC cover band at a place called Jerseys in Inver Grove Heights. Jeff and his crew were spot on last night--passed out complementary horns and rocked AC/DC tunes for just over 2 hours straight. I got a lot of my daily steps in during the evening and had a great time being with the girls and then after the show, Jeff stopped by our table for conversation. We did a little reminiscing about our days at RAs at Mankato and touched base about our current lives.

Thanks Trish for setting up a really fun evening!

Saturday, May 18, 2019

ah shucks

This morning was a double header for the Packers. They played and lost to the Vikings 24-30 and played and lost to the Seahawks 12-14. Osten currently has his buddy Coulter over for a play date. Katie is getting ready to move her room downstairs to switch spots with Osten and I am getting caught up on stuff around the house. Busy day!

Here are some photos that the lovely Marci N. took of our team and shared with me:

dinner theater RFHS 2019

The Dinner Theater at RFHS was pretty spectacular. The theme is decades and there were wonderful performances from all the singing groups and some great solos/ensembles sprinkled throughout. Anders had a short solo in the Rent piece. Osten, Brad and I attended all really enjoyed the show.

so long keyboard

On Thursday, I posted our keyboard on a few websites to sell and there was an overwhelming response. We have bid our keyboard farewell and a nice little family now has a keyboard for their two daughters who are interested in music.

green day on the river

Our annual Green Day on the River was picture perfect for weather and location. I had fabulous parent volunteers and we learned about many things that are part of our environment including pollinators, classifying living and non-living, birds of Wisconsin, pollutants of the river, macro invertebrates of the Kinnickinnic, classification of trees, learning about watersheds and the magnificent journey of the water cycle.

Thanks to all the volunteers that made it possible.

spring band concert for Katie

On Tuesday, Katie played her clarinet at the Meyer Middle School 7th and 8th grade concert. Love all the music in the air!
Katie's in row two 2nd left

mother's day dinner at Panera

Katie, Osten and I went to Panera in Hudson for Mothers Day dinner. Anders was working at DQ and Brad was fishing, so we were missing two loved ones, but we did have a nice dinner together. 

Sunday, May 12, 2019

happy mother's day!

To my precious Mom

My sweet mother in law
and to me...
it's an honor to me a Mom and I learned from the best one ever. 

2nd loss of the season

On Saturday, Osten's football team suffered their 2nd loss of the season. He's ok now, but he was pretty disappointed (no tears) after they finished yesterday.

After the game, he celebrated his buddy Coulter's 8th birthday party at the Bowling Ally. Much better day!

a fishing he goes

Our family organizer--Bradley Cole has left for the great white north with his buddies for his annual fishing trip. I'm sure he'll make a lot of good memories in the five day get away.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

play day

In addition to Osten's performance, we got an opportunity to head over to Meyer Middle School to watch Katie's performance in the 7th grade plays. Katie was a major writer in the production of The Bachelor--Middle Ages style.

She was very dramatic in her performance and her teacher said he put them on last because they had the best writing and delivery...pretty exciting.

Katie's character was named Lavina and she is center stage

spring concert

Today I took the afternoon off and first attended our sweet OJO's spring concert. I had lunch with him in his classroom--a few kids asked if I was Osten's grandma, it was pretty sweet. Then I met Brad and we watched our eager singer and dancer doing his very best at his concert. Way to go sweetheart.

He's the boy in the stripes and we also got a glimpse of his favorite piece of art from the school year.

teacher appreciation week rocks

Shout out to a classroom family who sent THE most delicious cake to our break room during our teacher appreciation week and to two lovely artists in our class who are taking a project to the next level. First is a good bye card to our Chinese students and the other is a brochure for a language arts project.

Teaching is rewarding.

our boy

The boy who made me a Mom and Brad a Dad turned 18 on Monday. He is just as unassuming today as he was on his birth day. Always kind, always patient, always funny and always goofy. We love you ACO and are so excited to have seen your first tennis match on your big 18.

the half is ran!

On Cinco de Mayo, I drove to Eau Claire with friends Sara and Abby to run in the 11th annual Eau Claire 1/2 marathon.

We started running at about 9:20am. Miles 0-5 were great. Miles 6-8 were a little harder, miles 8-11 were pretty challenging and then we hit the UW Eau Claire campus, some rain showers and clouds. Part of the challenge was the heat that we really haven't trained in and the intense sunshine. Miles 11-13.1 were much easier because it was just another 5K to the finish.

I'm so proud--Abby finished ahead of me by two minutes, I finished in 2:24.21 and Sara finished about 10 minutes later.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

may the fourth be with you

sweet Kes on this special day...
and here is Osten this morning. We were driving on north Main Street here in River Falls when he noticed a petting zoo and bounce house at Ace Hardware. We pulled over because he said "Momma, I hope I'm never too mature for a bounce house". It sealed the deal for me.

After this his football team suffered a tough loss against the 49ers 42-20. Then we drove to Woodbury where he attended a birthday party for his buddy Jude at SkyZone.

To cap off the evening, we got home and played a baseball game with Anders and had some frozen pizza.

Anders had a big day with a varsity tennis tournament in Stevens Point where he lost 3 singles matches and won a doubles match with his buddy Indigo.

I'm now heading to bed to get some rest before waking up early tomorrow, picking up Sara and Abby and driving to Eau Claire to run our half marathon. So exciting!

planting day

On Friday, we had a beautiful day out on the Kinni as a class. We planted all sorts of trees-visited the trees we planted last year and played a lot in the beautiful sunshine of a May morning/early afternoon.

several students blessed their tree and prayed they would grow tall and strong

Thursday, May 2, 2019

football fever

Osten had a really fun football practice tonight. He was just telling me that he played a football game at school today and won 35-28...that boy has football FEVER!

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

a wonderful month indeed

One of the best months has just begun. I was engaged to my amazing husband and our youngest and eldest sons were born in this beautiful month. The day is starting a bit drizzly and overcast, but that will just make the trees, grasses and flowers more incredible once the sun decides to shine again.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

and there goes April

Today is the last day of April. I see the daffodils are just starting to blossom in the front of the house, the little white flowers out front are blooming. Anders will be playing his first varsity tennis match this afternoon and Katie is heading to school right now for another day of 7th grade at Meyer Middle School.

My running bunch did a 4 miler this morning and I'm soon going to sign out to get cleaned up for another day at RFPME. Osten is doing his morning routine of having a cup of hot chocolate and running laps around our breakfast nook/living room and kitchen. He will soon be heading to an invigorating day of 2nd grade at Westside Elementary.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

end game

at the Falls Theater today getting ready to watch the Avengers End Game. It was so fun to spend three hours and one minute with this beauty.

prom 2019

Anders is heading to his Junior Prom tonight. He is flying solo, but will be meeting up with friends at the event. I'm so happy he's decided to go was a highlight of my high school career and I hope he has a blast!
Here is he is through the years with a group of friends he made at Greenwood and whose Moms are still friends:
Anders, Joey, Jack, Peter, Alex, Joe, Michael and Austin

Jack, Braedon, Austin, Anders, Dominck, Joe, Alex and Peter

Joe, Michael, Austin, Alex, Braedon, Joey, Dominick, Jack and Anders

guess what, he's a Packer

Osten has been anxiously awaiting the start of the spring football season. His wish came true this morning. He was "drafted" by the Packers. The Packers played the Broncos and were victorious 26-6. Osten made a 2 point conversion and his buddy Coulter scored a touchdown. Fun game. Osten is playing with three students from my classroom and Brad was the head coach (filling in) this morning. It was a fun morning!

Never thought I would say it, but go Packers!
 Osten with Gavin and Coulter

Osten and Coulter

shopping and sleepover

Last night, Katie and a group of friends were delivered to the Mall of America by Quinn's Mom Molly. Then they went to Aili's house for a sleepover. Needless to say, Katie looks a little tired this morning, but it sure looks like she had a lot of fun yesterday!
 Molly driving Mya, Aili, Quinn, Shirin, Lily and Katie

Aili, Shirin, Mya, Katie, Quinn and Lily

spring pops concert

Thursday was a FULL day and the icing on the cake was seeing our beautiful song bird with a boot take the stage to sing in the Lori Moe Pops Concert. Great job select choir Katie Cat Corn!


Most days, I would say being a teacher is the best EVER! We just read a story about Auggie and everyone is unique. This little sweetie drew a cool accompanying illustration. Just couldn't resist sharing.

We are all wonders.

bouquet of the day and football in the yard

here are the sweet little purple flowers growing outside Katie's window

here is the eager football player playing in our front yard

room switch

Last night before I headed out for the evening, we started the process of switching Katie and Osten's rooms. Katie has been upstairs and...