Sunday, September 15, 2019

78.375 for first place Marching Wildcats

Right after we woke from our naps, Brad, Osten and I headed north to see the Marching Wildcats take the field in Cumberland, Wisconsin. Prior to our arrival, the field and stands had been inundated with rain so we arrived at an ideal time.

We sought out dining options--Brad and Osten opted for Brats and I chose a cavateli pasta from a local restaurant called Bona Casa. I think I chose the best option as Osten helped me with finishing my meal. Hot chocolate was also a welcome beverage as the temperatures were dipping down into the 50s.

We saw the AA and AAA bands perform. Merril, Chippewa Falls and River Falls. We also got to see the host school and an exhibition band, Hudson, perform.

Of course, I thought River Falls was far superior to all the other bands and it turned out the judges agreed. River Falls won best colorguard, best percussion, best visual and best music. They also won overall best band with a score of 78.375. Last weekend, they scored a 66 so they must have done a lot of work in the past week to bring it all together. Keep up the hard work and seeking your pot of gold, Wildcats!

 our tuba is the final marcher on the field, walking closely to the director, Mr. Jaeckel

our tuba player is the far right one...really close to the flag in the foreground

football game and Bacon Bash!

The weather couldn't have been much nicer for Osten's first football game of the season. He had a cheering section of aunt Ibby, uncle Mike, Mom and Dad. Unfortunately his team didn't see a victory, but he did get a couple of nice receptions.

Then it was on to the Bacon Bash in downtown River Falls. We got Katie a new lunchbox, some salsa and jelly and also dined on a funnel cake and a corn dog and then I had to leave the group to attend another call committee meeting.

I got home at 4:30. Brad and Osten soon followed and we all took a little snooze before the next part of the day. It was a beautiful and fun Saturday...those hours just fly when that is the case.

full moon and Friday the 13th

I didn't realize it was the case because our classroom did a wonderful job of regulating throughout the day, but several of us wore our River Falls wear so snapped a photo before the school day began. Friend Abby captioned with a note about being Friday the 13th and a full moon. I think that is what set the tone for a great day.
myself, Stacy, Lynn, Sara and Abby

the little family on an island in the Pacific

nephew Stuie and his family are enjoying some incredible adventures in their time in Okinawa, Japan. It's delightful to keep up with their adventures from far away.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

big news on the Blomgren front

I got this message from Kaitie, my nephew Vance's partner and roommate:
my response was What??!!!!!????!!!!?????!!!

and it was confirmed by her and also by my beautiful Momma this evening on the telephone. It's official--nephew Vance is taking the plunge with a really down to earth, funny, smart and sassy woman.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

senior photo shoot

Originally his senior photos were scheduled for yesterday. The incredible Lori Johnson did text and offered us to switch his date to today. I'm so thankful for her and for Anders' marching band director, Bryan Jaeckel, his swim coach Michael and his play director Kim Miller for getting him his uniform, letting him use the pool and releasing him early from practice. I think some really fun shots were captured and I'm eager to see the result in a few weeks.

rain rain rain

Fourth official day of school and the skies opened and just POURED upon us. We had indoor recess. Children did the very best they could under the circumstances, but it was pretty nice to sing adios at the very end of the day.

shopping day with my lady love

On Sunday, Katie and I went back to school shopping and the stores were open! On Wednesday, we will get a photo of her in one of her new outfits as she is getting her 8th grade school photos taken. She is so fun to go shopping with...I think my mother would have much preferred her as a shopping partner when I was growing up.

Here are two sweaters that we bought at American Eagle

Saturday, September 7, 2019

little brown jug

The River Falls Wildcats football program has been building their program for many years. For the first time in 11 years, they defeated their arch enemy Hudson Raiders. The final score was 34-20. Osten's favorite player had a pick six and another touchdown. Osten was pretty thrilled when his favorite player's Mom took a photo of the two of them after the game:

I was at a call committee meeting so wasn't able to witness and feel the energy, but I sure enjoyed the after glow of the rest of our family as they all got a chance to see the game.

Anders and the Marching Wildcats debuted their field show during half time. I hope I finish up my call committee meeting this afternoon so I can see their show in Apple Valley this evening. Such an exciting time of year!

Friday, September 6, 2019

little Labor Day get away

Our family drove separately to spend the last weekend of summer at Grandma Betty and Grandpa Bud's house. Some of the time was spent on technology (see photos) but we also spent time outdoors enjoying the fleeting days of warm weather. On Sunday, we celebrated two birthdays and an anniversary. Summer was great, but now it's time for a fun fall!

Jessie's girls

We have been having a wonderful experience with Jessie, a visiting scholar from China...she is jumping in and teaching wonderful language lessons to our children every day. This sweet group of first grade girls has been very connected and I think they will grow a lot in their knowledge of China in the coming months.

first day for Osten and Karen and free from braces for Anders

Wednesday morning dawned bright and early. Anders and Katie departed for their second days of school. Shortly after, Osten and I prepared to leave for our first days of school. All reports were good and it looks like the year will be positive and a year of growth.

Here are the photos:

Another big event happened on our first day of school. Anders went to Associated Dentists and had his braces removed! We are now braces free and a retainer wearing family.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

happy 45th Ibby Gina and first day of school for A and K!

Happy 45th birthday to the sweet and sassy Ibby Gina.

It was a two fold birthday celebration for Ibby and Betty on Sunday

This morning, I made the traditional first day of school muffins and the children obliged as I captured their first day of school pictures.

twas the night before school starts

Labor Day 2019 was an interesting day. Katie was a HUGE helper in our classroom as we worked really hard to get the library tamed. We got it completely organized with Michelle and Rose's help for about an hour of our four hour work time.

We then went home to gather Anders for lunch at Mariachi Loco. Off to get his hair trimmed for his last first day of school. That took more time than anticipated because very few places were open on Labor Day and the line at Great Clips was an hour long. Katie and I then went in search of the cutest first day of 8th grade outfit we could find.

We arrived at American Eagle in Woodbury at 5:05pm to find it and the entire mall closed at 5pm. A crestfallen Katie and I went to Target to see if we could find a great substitute, nothing. Off to Walmart to make a return and find some last minute classroom things...nothing. We drove home in silence and realized we should not wait until the last minute next year. We discovered her school photos don't happen until next week, so we decided this weekend will be the perfect time to find the best 8th grade outfit.

We ordered Steve's Pizza for dinner and Julie Swanson stopped by to pick up some painting clothes. Then friend Sharyl stopped by with a little gift for Anders' last first day of school. Finally, I got in the Prius and drove back to school to put finishing touches on the geography, history and biome shelves.

As I was putting the finishing touches on the history shelf...what to my wondering eyes should appear but large bolts of lightening jetting through the sky accompanied by some rather large claps of thunder. Off I scurried to the Prius to make it home during a fantastic light show.

I wished my beautiful 13 and 18 year old peaceful sleep and snuggled in to the sound of heavy rain, thunder and strong winds. Here's to a magical 2019-2020 school year!

Sunday, September 1, 2019

many happy birthdays to my beautiful Momma

Vivian Grace Pierson is celebrating the 84th anniversary of her birth today. She is kind, courageous, beautiful, thoughtful, funny, generous, giving, smart, articulate, interesting, brave, gentle, musical, pretty, sincere, intelligent, artistic, dramatic, spiritual, assertive, caring, committed, compassionate, confident, cooperative, considerate, courteous, creative, determined, diligent, enthusiastic, exceptional, flexible, forgiving, friendly, helpful, honest, humble, idealistic, positive, filled with integrity, joyful, an advocate, filled with integrity, filled with honor, loving, lovely, loyal, practices moderation, modest, orderly, peaceful, is purposeful, filled with poise, reliable, respectful, self-disciplined, serves others, tactful, thankful, tolerant, trust worthy, understanding, hard-working, selfless, zany, wacky, silly, incredible, a once in a lifetime friend.

We love you Momma and Grandma.

Saturday, August 31, 2019

51 years

Bud and Betty Olson were wedded in holy matrimony 51 years ago today. It's been quite a journey and now there is a family of three children, three in law children and nine grandchildren. Happy happy anniversary.

Friday, August 30, 2019

gorgeous day at Valley Fair

Today I spent a very special morning and afternoon with Anders, Katie, Osten and Katie's friend, Stella. We drove to Shakopee to play at Valley Fair. Anders had to work at 4 and we ran into pretty major traffic driving through so he ended up being late. I hope he still will go to things with me...I love spending time with him.

We arrived shortly after the park opened and went our separate ways (Katie and Stella) (Anders, Osten and I). Anders did separate from Osten and I as we wanted to spend time at the water park and he wanted to ride the coasters.

Osten and I had fun floating in the lazy river and then racing down water slides. I spent some time getting the last rays of the summer sun. Anders did join us when he finished riding the coasters.

We met up with Katie and Stella and then drove home to River Falls. Anders got to DQ and the rest of us went out for China Moon buffet. We picked up Osten's buddy Coulter and watched the Wildcats play the Onalaska Hilltoppers. The Wildcats scored the first touchdown but ended up losing 28-21. There were some really exciting parts of the game, Osten was able to do a little scrimmage during the half time portion of the game and the final score wasn't really what we wanted, but we still had a great time at the game.

Now we're home and will soon collapse after a full day of sun and fun.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

birthday party feeding starving children

Katie's lifelong friend, Quinn just celebrated her 14th birthday. Her party was held at a Feed My Starving Children meal packing location. After the group of girls packed food, they visited the Drive Inn Theater in Woodbury and had a sleepover. Katie had some great times with good friends.

preparing the environment

Part of being a Montessorian is making sure your classroom is beautiful, organized and inviting for children to learn. I haven't snapped any photos of our new learning space yet, but it has been a lot of fun working with Michelle, Jessie, Petra and Lynn to get our classroom ready for students on Tuesday, September 3.

happy birthday Betty Jean!

Happy birthday to a wonderful Momma, grandmother and mother in law...may your year be filled with everything good.

78.375 for first place Marching Wildcats

Right after we woke from our naps, Brad, Osten and I headed north to see the Marching Wildcats take the field in Cumberland, Wisconsin. Prio...