Friday, July 19, 2019

day 3 Eureka

The day started with Brad and Osten heading out to get crabbing supplies and they recently returned with a new Dodgers hat for the big guy.

We are planning to head to the cinema shortly to watch the newly released Lion King movie.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

day 2 Eureka

Day 2 dawned and the Olsons had breakfast and then headed north to the redwood forests. We ate lunch shortly after we departed at a delicious Greek restaurant called Kebab Cafe in Arcata, California...yummy yummy and more yummy Turkish coffee, chicken salad and Turkish delight.

Up to the Trees of Mystery in Klamath, California where we browsed forests of amazing trees and rode a tram up to the canopy. Anders and I then hiked back down to the base while Brad, Katie and Osten rode the tram back down the mountain.

Then we hopped back on the 101 heading south and stopped next to some huge trees and hiked among the old growth much fun.

Stopped in a charming seaside community called Trinidad where we took some photos.

Then went to a yummy Italian restaurant originally opened in 1927 called Marcelli's Ravioli for pasta dinners.

Now we are back at our little apartment and will soon be getting ready for bed.

day one in Eureka

We all slept in this morning and then went exploring, got some yummy baked goods and coffee, walked the boardwalk, got fishing licenses for Brad and Anders and then went back to get ready for the beach.

Playing football in an open field

We picked up some items at a 2nd hand store--long sleeved shirt for Brad, a beach chair and a sunhat for Brad and headed to Samoa beach for several hours. We played football, played in the surf, hung out under our new sun hut and enjoyed the day. Katie got pretty burned...I hope she's feeling ok tomorrow. I had bought some good sun recovery spray in Florida, so I hope it works for her.

We had McDonalds cheeseburgers for lunch and Taco Bell for dinner. Then we went to the grocery store to get some essentials like ice cream, apples, bread, popcorn, milk, cereal, yogurt, granola and chips. Now we are settled into watching television and will shortly prepare for a day in the Redwoods tomorrow.

I love spending time with my family. I'm extremely blessed to have this opportunity.

from Wendover, Utah to Eureka, California

We started the day early on the 16th and drove just over 12 hours--we moved into yet another time zone with moving into the Pacific Time Zone just a few minutes into our drive. Katie had been hoping to dine at an In-N-Out and her dream came true for our lunch in Reno, Nevada. Osten caught the attention of a man that was cleaning tables and the man just kept calling him a was pretty cute. The restaurant was so popular he had to stand as we ate.

Then back into the car where I ended up driving into California on two lane roads. The drive up to Eureka was very mountainous and actually quite beautiful. Osten and I started to get a little car sick, but we survived. We ate at a really yummy Mexican restaurant.

We arrived in Eureka and to our VRBO at about 8:30pm. The air was nice and cool as we moved into our cute little place for the next eight days.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

starting in Casper, Wyoming onto the Great Salt Lake and resting our heads in Wendover, Utah

We had a fun day in the car on the 15th where we started the day in Casper, Wyoming and drove to Wendover, Utah with a fun stop Antelope Island State Park in the Great Salt Lake near Salt Lake City. The first photos are of naps in the car...they were great!

We were looking for bison at Antelope State Park, but we only found an artificial one

I'm joining Brad, Katie and Osten in the water. Osten LOVED the taste of the water

Here is a photo of the salt flats...they were extremely impressive. We saw a Morton mine there. We also nearly ran out of gas as we were driving through...we were thankful when we arrived at our stop in Wendover, Utah

We ate dinner at Montego Bay casino...just over the border in Wendover, Nevada--a few blocks from our hotel in Wendover, Utah. Notice the full moon just under the palm tree of Montego Bay sign

Sunday, July 14, 2019

and we’re off from River Falls to Casper, Wyoming

We are just north of town starting our big adventure. Our navigation is set to Mount Rushmore which is about 9 hours away. I’ll report again when we make our destination.

We made it! Osten isn’t feeling very well, it’s pretty hot here in Keystone and we’re searching for more to look at than just the monument.

day 3 Eureka

The day started with Brad and Osten heading out to get crabbing supplies and they recently returned with a new Dodgers hat for the big guy. ...