Tuesday, February 28, 2017

winter goes on?

winter is still on the calendar (we had a big discussion in class today) and this looks photo taken Friday looks like it, but once again, most of the snow has already melted.

Monday, February 27, 2017

cat in the hat

Dr. Seuss' birthday is right around the corner and we found the Fox Den window decorated for the occasion. Here is our Cat in the Hat getting a little photo next to the window.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

11 hours

Last night, I managed to log 11 hours of sleep. I have the world's best family to allow me to sleep and take care of myself in the lack of sleep I've been encountering. Thank you family!

basketball tournament

River Falls hosted a border battles tournament this weekend and River Falls gold took home the 5th grade honors. What a fun season and so exciting to see the development of all the players this season.
Here is a photo of both the gold and blue teams...really fun to watch this group come together.

music contest

Our 15 year old competed in the regional music competition in Prescott yesterday.

The songs he performed and how he did:

Shoot False Love I Care Not--Madrigal group received a star and is invited to compete at the state contest on his 16th birthday in Eau Claire.
The Skyvote Song--duet with friend Aaron Wilbur. It was a "B" rating so they received a 1 (best rating), but will not advance to state because to advance, it needs to be an "A" rating.

So excited for ACO and his music development.

parent teacher conferences

On Thursday the school day was long and gratifying. I love visiting with parents about their amazing kiddos. It is such a collaborative effort to help children love to learn.

parent's night

It has been years. years. years. since I've attempted a layup or ran a 3 man weave. It was so much fun running practice with the River Falls girls basketball group on Monday. I wasn't as bad as I remember.

president's day

I really want to know more about all the President's of the United States now that I've had some interesting exposure to American History through the soundtrack of Hamilton. Definitely renewed interest in the people who have led our country throughout the years.

no snow

This is a late post, but can you remember we had no snow on Wednesday, February 22--George Washington's birthday?

happy birthday Daddy B

Our 15 year old was driving south to celebrate grandpa B's 83rd birthday. We dropped he and his 11 year old sister at cousins home and then Brad, our 6 year old and I drove to Kurt's place to spend the night. On Sunday, we went to Mom and Dad's place in St. James to celebrate Dad's 83rd birthday.

He looked good and was in good spirits. All his children were there and several grandchildren there to mark his special day.

Here is a photo:
and here is commentary from the man in the lower left hand corner--My siblings and I gathered today with my parents to celebrate Dad's 83rd birthday. Needless to say, Dad doesn't appreciate attention but did enjoy our time together. We are blessed! You may notice we disguised our "peace signs" which has been our quirky family tradition. 

His message prompted no less than 61 comments of Happy Birthday Clarence and 443 likes. 


Our 15 year old drove south to St. Peter last Saturday night just to practice his driving. He drove on some busy city interstates and then some really quiet roads too. Great job at practicing your driving Mr. Olson

Saturday, February 25, 2017

warm wedding

I never anticipated that attending a wedding in mid-February would be so warm and wonderful. Congratulations to Eric and Jessica at starting your new married adventure together.

hello again...

Time happened again. I'm at a math meeting today and have a few extra minutes in between seminars. A lot of transpired since my last message. Most really great.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

happy valentine's day

We made some heart shaped french toast and enjoyed a quiet evening at home for Valentine's Day. I am blessed with a wonderful family--the five of us and my parents/in-laws....

Monday, February 13, 2017


Tonight we feverishly made a valentine's box and wrote many many valentines. Our 6 1/2 year old is a reluctant writer, but her persevered and wrote his name with flaming T's and jetting s's.

It was fun and really fun to be finished :)

Sunday, February 12, 2017

river falls gold

Here is the River Falls gold 5th grade basketball team. They got first place yesterday at a tournament in Menomonie

Then after the game, there was a sleepover at friend Quinn's house. Lots of fun for our spunky 11 year old.

almost to state!

Our 15 year old had his sectional swim meet yesterday. He swam personal bests in all 4 events, but didn't place high enough to be state bound. Their team placed second and was out of first by just two points. If they would have had 3 more points, their team would have been bound for state in Madison on Friday.

His teammates, Logan, John, Seth, Ben and Colin are headed to state on Friday though. Logan in 4 events--2 individual and 2 relays--and the others in 2 relays. Oh how exciting!

Friday, February 10, 2017


Nephew Stuart just got his MOS from the Marines. Not sure what his placement is, but he and his wife are excited for the next chapter in their life adventure.

fit bit

I finally put my fitbit into use and have been enjoying nearly seven days of wear. 

Day 1--5,534 steps (swim meet)
Day 2-- 9,993 steps (walked to and from church and normal weekend stuff)
Day 3--20,876 steps (workout and school)
Day 4--22,276 steps (workout, school and watching little people at parent ed)
Day 5--10,878 steps (school)
Day 6--17,949 steps (workout and school)
Day 7--17,964 steps (short workout, walking to and from school, school and nature walk)

I'm also enjoying seeing how I sleep:

Day 1--7 hour 42 minutes
Day 2--5 hour 47 minute
Day 3--6 hour 14 minute
Day 4--8 hour 27 minute
Day 5--5 hour 55 minute
Day 6--7 hour 58 minute

It tracks how many times you are restless and how many times you wake. I've always thought I was a sound sleeper and my fitbit is confirming that so far. Pretty much right after I go to bed, I fall asleep. I hope that continues for the rest of my life ;)

completely shaved

On Saturday, our Freshman will be heading to sectionals and in getting prepared, he shaved all the hair from his dome...it's not completely shaved, but very very very short. He's sleeping right now, so I won't get a photo, but he has a very nicely shaped head.

zumba returns

I have signed up for another round of ZUMBA! It's been nearly six years since I boogied down to a Zumba class and I'm ready to get back into it on Tuesday.

stormtrooper monkey

Our sweet 6 1/2 year old has affectionately named his sock monkey storm trooper monkey. I love it.

fun movie named Sing Street

Just finished a fun movie called Sing Street on Netflix. Very enjoyable movie that almost seems like it was based on a true story.

conference meet

On Saturday, our Freshman swam at his first Big Rivers Conference meet. He had a great showing. Our team placed fourth.
with several team mates and their Mohawks

waiting to cheer on a teammate at the end of the pool

differing perspective

I posted this slice of bread photo and had varying responses for resemblance...Rorschach test, Wisconsin, Santa with a sack on his back, LouAnn Pig from a Nancy Carlson book, gingerbread house, Wisconsin shaped house on the north pole, leaning tower of Green Bay, Trump's Terrible combover, Smurf House, the start of an oddly shaped sandwich, a house with a little chimney and a lower-right corner that was accidently backed into by the crazy truck-driven' neighbor, a Wisconsin shaped sponge, a stack and whack house, quilting.

What is your opinion?

nature walks

Sometimes I feel like I should pinch myself because I get to go on nature walks with some pretty incredible human beings every Friday.

awdfghtuhjhhweedytrd jjjyttteeeeqqqqqqqazxccccrty

This post was titled by my very sweet and kind 6 1/2 year old. I just love him so much am excited that he wants to be a writer like his Momma.
this is a photo of his favorite house in Chippewa Falls--when we drove past it in December, he declared that we should live there some day. I thought is was a beautiful home and looked like my beautiful boy would be happy living there

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

happy February

February is here! My Daddy's birthday month. This weekend, we have basketball for K, swimming for A and Super Bowl for all. We shall see if A has extra swimming after this weekend--we're at this whole thing for the first time, so we shall see!

on to choral music

This evening, the River Falls High School music program presented a concert with beautiful a capella pieces by the two high choirs. Once aga...