Friday, February 28, 2014

even more snow!

We got even more snow this afternoon--the final day of February and we have A LOT of snow on the ground and the temperatures still hover below zero degrees Fahrenheit.  I am looking forward to longer daylight hours and increased temperatures...and perhaps some vegetation growing outdoors.

2nd performance

The 2nd and closing performance of the Music Man Jr.  Just as good as the first time.  I loved seeing the entire cast.  I believe that they were more talented in performing as middle schoolers than I ever was as a high schooler.  It will be fun to watch them as they mature.

Tommy and Mayor Shinn in a confrontation


Do you remember when you started studying geometry?  I've been teaching geometry at Montessori for the school year and some first graders are better at naming shapes than I am.  I was in the midst of a lesson and was told that a shape was a quatrefoil, not a quatrelobe--they were right, I was wrong.

music man Jr

The stage is where our son A is at home--he was terrific as Tommy.  I'm super happy that enjoys what he does and shows such a zest for performing.  Grandma and Grandpa Olson were on hand to watch the performance--the Blomgrens were not able to make it as they are headed to Arizona, but I did take some photos for prosperity.

with friend Alex on set

wolverine girls basketball

While attending Dad's surprise party on Saturday, Kim, Kyle, Liana and I slipped away to watch Liana play and Kyle coach a B squad game.  Mountain Lake area versus Madelia.  It was so much fun to watch Liana and Kyle in action.  Very talented individuals.  I saw the calm nature of my Dad in action in my big brother--so lovely to see.

Thanks for sharing such a special part of life with me!

church date

While visiting Mom and Dad this weekend, Brad and I got the opportunity to go on a church date while Mom and Dad watched O and K.  A came to church with his cousins (they had a sleepover), but Brad and I had the opportunity to listen to a church service without wrestling with any children.  It was heavenly!

Thanks Mom and Dad!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


On Saturday, our family journeyed to rural Butterfield, Minnesota to attend the 80th birthday surprise birthday party for my wonderful Dad.

Kurt hosted the party and all four of his kids and two significant others were there.  Kent and Abby drove from Iowa, Kyle, Kim and kids were there, Cory, Joan and kids were there, we were there and so were Butch and Marilyn, Kayo and Ruby and Eldon and of course Mom and Dad.  It was a joyous occasion and Dad seemed genuinely pleased to be loved by so many.  A total of 32 to be exact.

Friday, February 21, 2014

two phone calls

This morning at about 5am, Superintendent Bensen called to say "classes will be delayed two hours". While I was in the shower at about 5:30am, we received the second phone call "classes are cancelled for the day".

A lot of cleaning and preparing for a new school week are planned for today along with some play in the snow and craft making.  We shall see what the day brings, but whatever it is, it will be bonus!

early release

This morning, our class was getting into our routine and one of our paraprofessionals came in to announce that we would be eating lunch early and leaving for the day at 12:15pm.  I quietly went to the white board to write the new plan and several of the kids groaned saying they wanted to stay at school and several cheered.   I ended up eating lunch with the kids and it was a wonderful experience.

One parent didn't get the message so she came about an hour after school was dismissed, so I did get some things done around the classroom that needed attention.   It was really nice to pick up O at daycare--his grin was pretty sweet when he saw I was picking him up and to be at home for a few hours before the sun set.  I did get stuck in our driveway as the snow was really slippery but Brad was quickly able to get back the van into the garage.  We watched as all of our neighbors had the same challenges, but Brad went out to help everyone get their vehicles safely in their driveway or garage.

The two elder Olson kiddos were at friends houses playing in the snow and eventually they all came over and we played a rousing game of Dominion.  We had potato soup for dinner and then sent everyone home at about 7pm.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


80 years ago, my Grandparents welcomed Clarence Edward Blomgren Jr. into this big and wonderful world.

Much love to my Dad, Brad's Father in law and our childrens' grandpas.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

40 degrees

This afternoon was picture perfect.  Our class took a nature walk down to the White Pathway. The snow was perfect packing snow so the kids made snowballs and had throwing contests--thankfully they weren't aiming at one another.  It was a delightful and overdue adventure.

Monday, February 17, 2014

presidents day

Today we had school due to earlier "cold" days of school being called off for the day.  It was a really mellow day at school as several kids were out with illness.  I hope we can be at full strength tomorrow, but would not mind another mellow day ;)


A is in the final week of preparation for The Music Man and A & K are practicing a play for the 4-H Creative Arts festival.  I love watching the kids develop their dramatic talents!

2nd and final swim meet

A participated in the River Falls swim meet this weekend and again improved time on his 50 freestyle and 100 breast stroke, but not quite enough to get a B time.  We will miss the C finals this weekend in Hudson, but he would have been able to compete in 4 events this year...which is an accomplishment in itself!  Go swimmer go!

happy Valentine's Day

We did not celebrate Valentine's Day at school as we don't celebrate any big occasions and I can't say that I weren't loaded up with sugar and it was just a regular day.  My wonderful husband did take my shift timing at the swim meet--that was one of the nicest Valentine's gifts anyone could ever give...the gift of time.

liking it

I just checked my students' comments in their journaling and they are now saying they are surprised at how much they like the Olympics and how they are noticing countries that they have studied so far in Europe.  Fun. 


Happy 40th birthday Jennifer Ann Knier!  She was even on television for having a makeover the day before her birthday.  A very well deserved treat for a self-less woman!

bobsled team

We are watching the Olympics tonight and the Jamaican bobsled team is being interviewed by NBC--I guess there are now two bobsled teams from Jamaica.  Fun!

visiting the big island

Uncle Bruce is visiting St. Croix from February would be nice to be in his luggage right now!

baby shower

My boss, Nate and his wife Karyn are expecting twins in March.  They are such a vibrant and loving couple.  It will be fun to meet the two new people in their lives.  Maggie and Hal Watson hosted a lovely party at their home on February 9 for all the staff at school.  I even won a couple of plates in a little game we played--matching celebrity twins. 

first swim meet of the season

A swam in a meet in Red Wing the weekend of February 8-9.  He swam his very best times of his life in the 50 breast stroke, 100 breast stroke, 100 IM and 50 freestyle.  It is so fun to see him in the pool.


On the evening of the opening ceremonies on February 7, my body just needed a nap so I went to bed early and missed the opening ceremonies.  I'm hoping to watch a video in the future, but the rest was much needed. 


Before the Olympics started, I was really excited and thought my class would also be really excited.  I had them journal on February 6 and most said they weren't interested in the Olympics--it really surprised me.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

biggest loser

Last night I caught the final few minutes of the Biggest Loser finale.  The winner looked emaciated.  It certainly appeared as if she had anorxia.  I am hoping it was just an illusion.  The young woman is in her early 20s and was originally from Stillwater, MN.  I pray that she is going to find a healthy way to maintain her life.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


This hopefully will be my first full week of teaching since December.  We have had one full week of school, but I took Friday, January 18 off to prepare for K's 8th birthday party.  I think we are hitting our stride with getting our work done and doing a lot of learning.  It is a gift to be a teacher.


A is very busy preparing for his role as Tommy in the Music Man.  He has also been practicing his baritone and K has been practicing her piano.  It is a bevy of preparation at the Olson household.


The groundhog Phil saw his shadow on February 2...I guess there will be six more weeks of winter!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

sleepover for Meow

K is over at her friend Ellea's tonight for a sleepover.  I am at home with the boys and it is so peaceful...I miss that little lady, but she does fill up a house with her personality ;)

relaxation Friday

After school on Friday, Brad made DELICIOUS pizza and we watched the movie The Croods.  I fell asleep at about 8:00pm and rested very soundly.  It was a wonderful way to wrap up a week.


Our school had a great winter concert on Thursday night.  Our class sang along with Ms. Ying's class.  We sang Sing, Sing and Song and recited/did sign language to The Peace Poem.

The final number of the evening was Light a Candle for Peace where the kids had battery operated candles and sang.  Many of my students and parents exclaimed that it was the best concert they had ever attended.  The kids were very proud.

back to school

It was really great to be back at school on Wednesday.  Even A was saying "no more snow days PLEASE!"  The kids seemed very happy to see one another again and I was giddy to see them.

Makes to KNOW that you are happy to be a teacher.

another day to make up

We ended up having school called off on Tuesday, January 28 as well due to dangerously low temperatures.  We got a lot accomplished at home--K's geography fair project and just spending time together.  We will be either having a shorted spring break or going to school on Good Friday.  The School Board has to make the final call.

swimming in Lindstrom

Last night, Osten, Brad and I drove to Lindstrom, Minnesota to see the River Falls Wildcats face Spring Lake Park and the Wildcats of Chisag...