Sunday, October 30, 2016

the arts are alive!

The performance I attended yesterday of three musical groups--Middle State Honors band, orchestra and choir were enlivening. The directors were energetic and the kids were very responsive to their direction. What a great experience for our ACO!

while the orchestra was warming up

Here's his name!

The program--our mutual favorite was Make a Joyful Noise

proud Momma

the River Falls representation of band and choir members with their home directors

mad town

Thursday night, my 15 year old and I drove from River Falls to Madison. We made it in just over 4 hours, got to our hotel and both got a great night of sleep. On Friday morning, we had breakfast with one of his friends and then drove to the Waunakee High School where I dropped him off for about 30 hours of rehearsal, dining and preparing for the performance on Saturday afternoon.

I proceeded to go back to the hotel, do several hours of school work/organizing and then drove to the capital and walked from the capital to the UW Madison campus via State Street. It was really fun to see all the different shops and people watch. The campus was breath taking and seemed like a great atmosphere to spend a college career, we shall see if any Olson kids head that direction...

I loved the store with my name!

view from top of the university knoll toward the capital (left middle of photo)

a shot of the top of the knoll

what really matters in sports

This really choked me up when I saw this on Friday during our sojourn to Madison. I am humbled by the lesson our cousin and niece Liana shared with southern MN and a healthy number of people on FaceBook.

Mt. Lake Area cross country senior Liana Blomgren, a past state qualifier in the sport, ended her career Thursday when she was disqualified from the Section 3A Meet.

But what got her disqualified was the ultimate act of sportsmanship.

Windom eighth-grader Gracie Bucher collapsed in the final 100 meters of the race Thursday in Luverne. Shortly behind was Blomgren, who stopped running, helped Bucher to her feet and assisted her to the finish line.

At the time she collapsed, Bucher was just behind the final individual state qualifiers, while Blomgren was near the top 20 at the time.

Both runners were disqualified from the race. But the act of sportsmanship on Blomgren's part is commendable.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Last night, Brad fired up the fireplace. It was so cozy and warm in our little toasty home. The weather is a bit warmer today so we're keeping our fingers and toes crossed that the need for full time fireplace is not here yet :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

first high school choir concert

Our 15 year old and his choir sounded heavenly at his first choir concert at River Falls High School last night.
at home before the concert

his full 9th grade choir

with friend and neighbor Charlotte who is in the 10th grade choir

sweet 16

Dear Abigail Rae Blomgren turned sweet 16 on Monday, October 24. Wishing you a memorable and remarkable year of being 16.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

the Weaver Olson visit

Nate, Micah and Natalie Weaver Olson were dinner guests yesterday afternoon. We played baseball in the front yard with our neighbor Andrew and also dined on spaghetti, veggies and homemade icecream. The kids all looked tired as we bid adieu at 9pm.

year 3

The two eldest and I traveled to Fox Den Books to board the Hogwarts Express at 10:20am yesterday. Both children battled Boggarts and had the chance to answer questions throughout the day. They earned points for Hufflepuff and Griffindor.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

another descendant of Nels and Annie in the news

Nels! Nels III that is. He is running for the representative of MN State House 26B for his second term. In searching, I found that he just had a debate with his opponent live on KAAL TV from Austin.

My heart is voting Republican Nels Theodore and wishing you well in your public service.

one of Nels and Annie Pierson's great grandchildren living generously

copied from:

Live Generously: Lucas Zellmer

Lucas Zellmer had no idea the extent of poverty in La Crosse, Wisconsin – where more than 15 percent of the population lives below the poverty line – until moving there in 2012.
“The first time I rode through the city, I noticed far more homeless or impoverished people than I had ever seen in my hometown of Blooming Prairie,” he says. “The poverty was impossible to ignore.”
Wanting to “make a difference,” Lucas soon began to split his time between studies at the University of Wisconsin–La Crosse, where he majors in biology, and volunteer service at the St. Clare Health Mission free clinic and the Place of Grace soup kitchen, which serves some 250 meals a day. He learned not only about the missions of both organizations but also about the people they serve – men and women without reliable transportation who are often able to land jobs but unable to get to them consistently.
“It was clear to me that there was a real demand for accessible, reliable transportation among the homeless and impoverished populations of La Crosse,” says Lucas. “Sometimes getting to jobs is more challenging than securing those jobs in the first place – I wanted to do something to fill that transportation void.”
In April, Lucas launched Wheels for All, a small nonprofit that provides single-speed bicycles – they require less maintenance than those with multiple gears – to those who need them the most. To date, he has fixed up and given away more than 20 bicycles, most of which have been donated by his family and supportive community members. As word of the organization spreads – WKBT-TV in La Crosse profiled Lucas and Wheels for All last July – Lucas hopes to help even more individuals who would benefit from having their own two wheels.
“I founded Wheels for All because I love knowing I have helped someone in difficult circumstances,” he says. “We may only be providing bikes, but seeing the recipients’ faces when they receive them – and hearing them describe how those bikes will help them – is such a powerful thing.”
To learn more about the organization – or make a donation – visit Lucas’s Go Fund Me page.
– by Sara Friedl-Putnam

blue skies shining on me

I've been regaling the colors of the trees and sunlight, but how could I neglect the bright clear blue skies of October? One of my church friends likened the blue of the sky to the blue of her husband's eyes. Great parallel, Sandy!

I hope these blue skies keep shining on us...

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

golden light

These mid-autumn days are quite lovely with the way the sun's rays shine down and bounce off the beautiful foliage. This morning on my bike to work, I saw some friends out for a walk and we all had fresh cheeks and giant smiles because of the magical weather and sunlight.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

7 and 1 for the year

The River Falls Wildcats defeated Eau Claire Memorial 21-6 this afternoon and finished the season with a 7-1 record. What a gorgeous afternoon to watch the final game of the season! Number 53 did great, we are very proud of his drive and determination.

Monday, October 17, 2016

heavy rain

Wow! I just got drenched from a heavy downpour. I dropped our 10 year old off for basketball, saw our 15 year old between football and swim practice and managed to drench my shirt, pants, and underclothing in an unseasonable thunderstorm here in RF. I'm so happy Brad cleaned the gutters last night!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

finale to the HKRS

Our six year old was raring to go and finished great today and enjoyed getting his medal. His sister was less eager to run, but did it because her parents forced her. She ended up placing third in 4th and 5th grade girls and getting her 2nd third place trophy.

Mom got to run and ran the mile in 9:19...whew!

Now it's time to make dinner...Our six year old's belly is very empty and he told me he's getting really old because his tummy is nearly empty.

swimming weekend

On Saturday, I spent the day timing the morning and afternoon session of the River Falls Autumn Dash, the first swim meet of the season. It was really fun timing in the morning because there were a lot of new swimmers that needed some help with knowing what to do. I also got to time with a really sweet girl who swam the mile in the afternoon session...what a trooper!

The afternoon was fun because I positioned myself at lane 6 where our handsome 15 year old happened to have both of his races.  He swam great and ended up receiving best time ribbons for 5 of his six races over Saturday and Sunday.

football fun!

Our freshman has enjoyed a great season. So far, they have played seven games and have lost one. They have one more game to play on Tuesday. Here is a photo one of the Dad's shot of the team this past week after our big win over Hudson:
our guy is partially hidden by his buddy Austin

new addition to the Blomgren family!

My sweet niece Jenna Louise had "the question" popped to her on Friday evening. My heart started leaping and jumping!

Here is a post from my brother:

In a political campaign season where we have hourly reminders of how sad and cheap life can seem, I am reminded that old style chivalry still remains. Cody Hauser proposed to my daughter Jenna this past Friday evening. Cody stopped and visited me and asked my permission about 6 weeks ago, I learned he asked Jenna's brothers as well. Cody even included me for the event at his families cabin. I salute Cody and his entire family as they exhibit such true, caring qualities I admire so very much. Jenna is very lucky, and they are blessed to have Jenna!

here is a post from Kyeanna:
Stuart and I are so excited to officially add another brother to the family 😊 So many congrats to Jenna and Cody on their engagement this weekend 🍾 We cannot wait to celebrate with you guys when we get home 

here is a post from Jenna;
So this happened last night. We are so excited, so happy, and so blessed ❤️

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

hot chocolate kinds of day

Our three children have been enjoying hot chocolate and marshmallows...

new ride

A friend of mine heard my bike was stolen so contacted me to let me know she rescued one from the roadside a while ago and hasn't ridden, the right brake doesn't work, but it's comfortable and has a beautiful metal basket on the front. I rode my new bike to school today. I felt like I was a member of the cast of Call the Midwife. Felt perfect.

sick lassie

After our pumpkin adventure and being tripped at the HKRS, I felt our 10 year olds' brow and it was burning up. Put her to bed after our 4H meeting with tylenol and a hug. She woke up the next morning--non-school day with a 102.7 fever. More tylenol and lots of rest.

pumpkins and apples

our pumpkins are picked. We bought 110 pounds of pumpkins for our family


youth hunt

Our 15 year old had one more year of the youth hunt so he and Brad went hunting this weekend. They didn't get any deer, but they had fun spending time together. I stayed home and went to a movie with the six and ten year old on Friday night, cleaned and organized on Saturday, the ten year old went to a sleepover on Saturday night while the six year old and I went shopping in Hudson. We found some great additions to our Halloween decorating at Good Will!

On Sunday, we picked up an exhausted 10 year old and she slept while I tackled our 15 year old's room. We then went to the apple orchard and pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins and went for a hayride.

Then to HKRS week 4 where the ten year old was tripped--wasn't able to finish the race and the six year old finished 5th.

It was a super fun weekend, but it flew past way too fast!

10 years old on October 7

Sweet Siri Audree Olson turned 10 on October 7. Happy birthday lovely Siri--wishing you magic and rainbows today and in all your tomorrows.
such a sweet happy family

newborn Siri October 2006
cousins in their Luther Point wear

teen board

Now in my fourth year of Montessori, I'm really enjoying the sequence of lessons that were developed to help build hierarchy and number sense in young children. Here is a photo of a sweet first grader laying out the teen board:  she uses it along with laying out bead bars that represent the number.

bike sighting

Last week, I was walking out of school when my stolen bike rode right past our school building. I didn't quite know what to do and lost sight of the biker, but it was good to see my bike was being loved and ridden.

presidential race

Who are you going to vote for? I am not crazy about either major party candidate, but the election is coming soon!

happy 18th birthday Evan Lee

Mr. Evan Lee Blomgren is now a suave and amazing senior in high school and 18 year old. Wishing you love and happiness today and in all the days ahead.

running running running

Week three of the healthy kids running series. 10 year old finished 2nd in her division, 6 year old finished 5th. I was in the classroom putting September to sleep and waking up October so Brad was the one to accompany them.

hello October

October 1 was sunny a sensational at the Stillwater Art Fair. Met Julie and girls and really enjoyed the lovely exhibits until our 10 year old was playing some leap frog and bent her fingers so far back, I thought we would have to visit the ER. 10 days later they are still tender, but they are ok.

swimming in Lindstrom

Last night, Osten, Brad and I drove to Lindstrom, Minnesota to see the River Falls Wildcats face Spring Lake Park and the Wildcats of Chisag...