Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall is in the air...

School days have begun and are swiftly passing.

Anders is enjoying his 3rd grade experience with Mrs. Nelson--he is running for Student Council and is quite excited for the experience. He is also looking forward to mentoring a "kindergarten buddy" with his Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Eggiman's class. Football is in full swing and his team the "Razorbacks" are ready to win a game this season.

Kate loves University Preschool. She does miss Mrs. Langer and the Jacob's Ladder gang, but looks forward to donning her mouse backpack every morning and heading with Dad to the WEB building just two buildings over from my work. Dance has started and she is enjoying her new dance classroom on the 3rd floor of the Academy Building.

Osten is living the big life at Sheri's house. He and Ian also share a special bond with Ian bequething Osten a very special kitten toy. Osten gets to spend most of his days with an ubercute girl named Hattie and will soon be spending his days with a sweet little boy named Lucas too.
Life is moving quickly and we are trying to embrace the moments as they fly past.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September's here!

Really quick post to say Happy Birthday to my Momma! Anders is starting 3rd grade and Kate will be starting Preschool on the 13th. Time is fleeting quickly.

thank you Veterans!

Huge thank you to all the Veterans who have made our freedom possible. Thank you Clarence Jr., Chuck, Bud, Brad, Brent and Stuart. We salute...