Sunday, June 16, 2019

happy father's day and Happy Birthday Kyle!

I know some pretty great Dad's and wishing them the very best Father's Day possible.

Clarence and Bud

my brothers Cory, Kurt, Kent and Kyle--along with Mom and I  

my kids amazing Dad Brad

bil Brent with his sweet fam

Happy 55th birthday Kyle 

Saturday, June 15, 2019

dairy breakfast

This morning, our family went to the Burnett County Dairy breakfast.  It was a long time in line, but the pancakes were delicious, the milk was tasty, ham yummy and the weather was PERFECT. Osten loved the petting zoo. It was a fun day celebrating dairy month in Wisconsin.

Friday, June 14, 2019

friends to the lake

Katie got a chance to bring two friends up to Grandma and Grandpa Bud and Betty's for the weekend. We are dropping Osten off at grandparent camp on Sunday so we decided to spend some time up at the lake getting lawn mowed and getting in as much lake time as we can.
Here we are dining at Village Pizzeria--Quinn, Katie and Aili

Thursday, June 13, 2019

bouquet of the week

Brought to me by the handsome and charming Coulter Norum. Thank you for being so sweet and for being a great student.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

picture perfect day

It is a picture perfect day here in River Falls. I ended up sleeping in until 9am and then going on a walk with my friend Michelle and sneaking one more time into our classrooms--I remembered two drawers that I forgot to clear with really nice microfiber cleaning cloths and the other with some large papers that we use for study of a nation. Very soon, the building will be completely sectioned off because they were installing a chain link fence.

After our walk, I got home and went for a six mile run and then went to lunch at Brad's office with Katie and Anders. Then home to make yogurt/play a game of cribbage with Katie, added some mulch to the flower garden and now watching some TV with Katie and Osten.

Great day if I say so myself.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

one last walk through

This morning my friends, Maggie, Sara and I drove to our friend Abby's house where we ran a 5K and then we decided to head back to school to get a Timeline that Maggie had accidentally left behind a pile of boxes. While we did that we discovered several boxes of materials with no label and we also found a bookcase for was a fruitful last walk through.

We also decided to take a picture with part of the school to take time lapse photos with over the next few weeks as our school will be demolished and rebuilt...

farewell my current classroom

Yesterday, we spent the morning in meetings and then spent several hours packing up the remainder of our classroom. How gratifying to get it all labeled and boxed.

Then after we labeled the last box, we went to Juniors to converse and enjoy the beautiful sunny afternoon. Then it was home to spend time with my beautiful family.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

first day of summer break!

Yesterday, after I watched Osten's team in their first game, I drove to Hopkins for my cousin Missy's daughter Aliah's graduation party. I got to see cousins Tammi, Trudi, Missy, Jennifer and Christina. I also got to visit with aunts Ruby, Loie, Kayo and Marilyn and also laugh with uncle Butch. I also got a chance to visit with Mom and get lots of hugs and love.

After that I drove home and Brad, Katie, Osten and I went to the Cedar Hill Greenhouse south of town and picked out some lovely annuals and some brussels sprouts for planting.

Then after Katie set up our new hammock stand

Brad installed a small fire pit, a game of baseball, a dinner of elk on the grill--Katie, Osten and I went for a walk where we got some DQ from Anders who was working. While eating, we tried out some Snapchat Filters:

Then, we walked home and Katie and I walked back downtown to watch the movie Rocket Man at the Falls Theater. It was a pretty great first day of summer vacation. 

season ending

The awesome Packers of the ages 7-8 Carbonite team suffered their final loss of the season yesterday. They had a lot of fun and learned to play, have fun and be graceful with loss. Thanks to coach Kamrath and assistant coach Brad for leading the team this year.

goodbye 2018-19

On Friday, our class bid farewell to the school year. It was real, it was fun, it was real fun.
here is one of my amazing Gamma students who will be moving on to Upper Elementary next fall. He inspired in me a renewed love of history--I'm pretty sure he will pursue his love of palentology. Thanks to all my incredible Gammas who are moving up and ready to learn more more more.

face painting fun

On Thursday, our amazing parent volunteer Merry Magpie came by and painted our faces...her daughter is now moving onto another class, but I thought it was the perfect opportunity to let my inner butterfly shine...thanks Magen!

happy father's day and Happy Birthday Kyle!

I know some pretty great Dad's and wishing them the very best Father's Day possible. Clarence and Bud my brothers Cory, Kurt, ...