Friday, December 13, 2019

there's a 2 year old and remembering her uncle who passed away 5 years ago today

Sweet Kesleigh Rae is celebrating her 2nd birthday on a little island in the Pacific. Her Momma wrote this sweet tribute:

Someone pinch me... we already have a 2 year old! Today was sweet Kesleigh’s birthday. We went to the aquarium (one of her favorite places on island) and she got a new stuffed manatee. ❤️ We went to McDonalds for lunch, and Blue Seal for a yummy snack. And the entire day was made better by her Mimi and Papa visiting for a couple weeks. I can not believe we have been so blessed with such a beautiful, verbal, strong, smart, charismatic, genuine young lady. Love you, Kesleigh Rae. Happy Birthday

Her uncle Ross passed away five years ago today and this is what Kesleigh's grandpa and Ross' Dad, Kurt wrote this morning:

Five years ago today, our family portrait of five was shattered, along with our hearts. Ross was each of our ‘go to’, for understanding, peace and comfort. He remains with us in spirit everyday. In the wake of sorrow, we recognize the amazing blessings that have followed. Cody and Stella have joined Jenna. Kaitie will marry Vance in July. Kyeanna and Stuart have Kesleigh who turns 2 today. Our portrait of five, is now nine, and counting. God does work in mysterious ways. Let’s not forget to count and be thankful for the blessings right in front of us. Grace and peace to you this Christmas season.

beautiful snowfall and Katie's concert

River Falls was blanketed with a beautiful coat of white. Brad just reported that he thinks we got about three inches...he had to push a lot of snow yesterday.

Brad, Osten and I went to Katie's 8th grade and Select choir concert last night. Katie's friend Quinn's Mom snapped a photo of Quinn and her friends Aili and Katie. They are certainly growing up:

advent service

On the 11th, Katie and Brad were a part of the Advent service at church. It was really lovely to hear them read together. I got to see our new pastor, Dave during the service. He remembered me and we had a nice visit after the service. I think we have been blessed.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

polar vortex descending

I just asked Alexa what the temperature outside and she responded negative 12 degrees. YIKES! The high temperature is anticipated to be 6 degrees above zero.

I just checked weather underground and learned that tomorrow the daylight hours will be 53 seconds shorter. The shortest daylight of the year is coming quickly.

Yesterday there was a pretty good snow storm and the children at school were predicting there would be a day we wouldn't have school very soon...we shall see. With these dangerously cold temperatures, that could very well happen.

Monday, December 9, 2019

glow of Christmas

The beautiful calm of Christmas lights is what I'm enjoying with Osten on the couch this morning. He just removed another link from our Viking countdown chain and I'm about to jump into the shower to prepare for another day at RFPME. Anders is running a temp so he's going to stay home from school today. Brad's new employee, Angela will be starting this morning. We all have a busy week planned and just hoping Anders can rest and be ready for the rest of the week.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

celebrating birthday with my dear Julie and trimming the tree

While Brad and I were at the Swim Meet, Osten was at his buddy Coulter's house watching the Sooners beat Baylor 30-23 for the Big 12 Championship. How incredibly exciting!

On Saturday night, I met my dear friend Julie at Lolo in Hudson for dinner and drinks. We had an amazing meal and giggled a whole bunch.

Then we danced to band at Pudge's and called it a night.

This afternoon, Osten, Katie and kind of Anders and I trimmed the Christmas tree and put the finishing touches on Christmas decor. I also addressed most cards and got them in the post so friends and family far and near will soon receive our message of Merry Christmas greetings.

first big swim tournament of the season

Anders had his first big swim tournament of the season

First event
200 Medley Relay where they placed fifth
RFHS-WI A 1:57.26 28
1) Baar, Connor 2) Olson, Anders
3) Larsen, Seth 4) Derks, Darin
33.49 31.78 25.56 26.43
6 EC-WI A 2:01.73

Second event
200 Individual Medley where he placed 9th
Olson, Anders RFHS-WI 2:32.68 9
31.61 40.28 42.56 38.23

Third event
100 Breaststroke where he placed 3rd overall
Olson, Anders RFHS-WI 1:08.59
31.45 37.14

Fourth event
400 Freestyle relay where 8 swimmers each swam a 50 free
RFHS-WI A 3:36.01 30
1) Derks, Darin 2) Cernohous, Cooper
3) Martin, Zach 4) Olson, Anders
28.06 29.03 26.91 26.66
27.92 27.18 26.41 23.84

It was super fun--Brad and I missed his first two events because I was coaching Osten's basketball team in the morning, but we did get to see his last two events. He looked great in the pool and says he enjoyed. Now he just has to stay healthy!

His split time was 26.65 which is great for him! Way to go. 

Here are the team results:
Scores - Men

Men - Team Rankings  
1. Chippewa Falls High School 398
2. Marshfield High School 281
3. Oha Swim Team 272
4. Wausau East LumberJacks 234
5. River Falls High School 224
6. Menomonie HS Boys Swim 215
7. Eau Claire Memorial / North 189
8. Rice Lake High School Boy's 182
9. La Crosse Swimming 151

bunco Christmas

My friend Marci hosted Christmas Bunco at her beautiful home on Friday evening. I won a new potholder that features beautiful chickens...perfect for our kitchen.

The food was amazing and the conversation was also quite keen. Thanks to Marci for hosting.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

hot pot

Brad is our chief cook at the Olson residence. I am thankful for all the love he has shown us through meal planning/preparation and serving. Tonight he really outdid himself with Chinese Hot Pot--all the kids were eating vegetables and mushrooms! Miracle upon miracles! Thank you Brad for taking care of your family.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

he's home!

My handsome wonderful husband is home! It's so nice to have our whole family home.
Osten and I just spent some time this evening watching a walking video and doing some Go Noodle that I would like to try in my classroom for a brain break.

Now it's time to hit the hay.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

first swim meet of the season

Anders isn't home right now, he departed school today to swim in his first meet of the season. I am eager to hear how things went for him and hope he can get some rest on his bus ride home from Rice Lake. Swim Anders swim!

Anders did really well at the meet. He placed first in the 100 breaststroke, his 200 freestyle relay, and in his first diving competition and his 200 IM relay placed second. He did get very worn out though, so spent the day on Wednesday sleeping and nursing an icky cough. I hope his health stays strong throughout the season so he doesn't have any serious health issues.

This is a message from his diving coach (I had no idea Anders would be a diver)

To give a comparison at their 1st meet Tuesday night Anders scored a 127.8 and Nate scored a 121.8. My 1st year divers during girls season this year did not score in the 120's until 3/4's through the season (and they all have gymnastics or a diving background). So we truly are off to an amazing start. I have explained scoring to your boys, and again this is something that gets confusing. I would please ask your boys to try and explain what they remember about it, then ask me any other questions. Asking them helps them actually remember and pay attention better.
1 Olson, Anders 16 RFHS-WI 127.80

2 Fosler, Nathaniel RFHS-WI 121.80
3 Disqualified

200 Meter Medley Relay placed second
2 RFHS-WI A 2:11.28
1) Derks, Shawn 2) Olson, Anders 16

3) Larsen, Seth 4) Cernohous, Cooper

200 Meter Freestyle Relay placed first
1 RFHS-WI A 1:57.21
1) Olson, Anders 16 2) Derks, Shawn
3) Derks, Darin 4) Baar, Connor

30.26 28.85 29.36 28.74

100 Meter Breaststroke
1 Olson, Anders 16 RFHS-WI 1:22.51

38.22 44.29

there's a 2 year old and remembering her uncle who passed away 5 years ago today

Sweet Kesleigh Rae is celebrating her 2nd birthday on a little island in the Pacific. Her Momma wrote this sweet tribute: Someone pinch m...