Tuesday, January 27, 2015

one more fun photo from the wedding

Here is another fun photo from Shumair and Nida's wedding.  Couldn't resist.

the twins are 20!

Happy happy birthday to our ruggedly handsome, kind, articulate and intelligent nephews and cousins Adam and Kyle Jr.

Here was my morning message to the kids on their birthday...

life is fast

On Sunday, we got up early and left the Dells and made it home for our church annual meeting and a fun birthday party at the skating rink.  We also attended K's practice for the 4H Performing Arts Extravaganza in March.  Life is fast and I'm hoping I can remember all these wonderful moments.

mount Olympus day 2

We were the second family in the door on Saturday morning. We set up camp on the second floor of the water park and couldn't have had a more enjoyable day.  The kids had fun with A having a tall 14 year old female admirer following him around much of the day and Joe having an 8 year old admirer at his side the other parts of the day.

From 10 until 4 we played at the water park and from 4-6:30 went to the indoor amusement park where we did climbing walls, bumper cars, laser tag and go carts.  Ibby and O went on a spinning ride that I would NEVER have endured.  Ibby looked like she was going to toss her cookies when she got off the ride, but that is why I love her!

Then we went to a fancy restaurant (didn't look fancy from the outside appearance) and ate dinner.  We all thankfully retired to our hotel rooms and fell fast asleep after a very full day.

mount Olympus

Right after school on Friday, our family rushed to Mount Olympus water park in the Wisconsin Dells.  We dined on Subway and listened to good music on our journey.  I also power napped like I typically do on Friday evenings after a fun week at school.  We did get about an hour of riding under our belts before we headed to WalMart to get some snacks for our stay.

comedy night

Our friends Dave and Cheryl Dintemann own a great bar downtown called Johnny's.  We were there guests the other night to Comedy Night.  It was really fun to let our hair down and do some laughing.  As we were talking after the evening we realized our paths more than likely crossed in our lives in Mankato.  Small world.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Just got a call from Cory that my Dad has been hospitalized.  From what he knows, there is not anything to be too concerned about, but I just love my Dad so much and pray that all is going well with him.  I also hope Mom is doing well...she is such an incredible partner and Momma.

Mom and Dad with 15 grandchildren

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

old blue

When I got home from school this evening, Dan our mechanic was dropping off our 1994 Chevy truck.  He made it purr like a kitten.  I love our old truck and hope that it can live many years to come.
another truck that resembles our old blue...

MLK day

on Monday, the kids had the day off school and the teachers had in-service on technology.  I learned some new stuff about Khan Academy and about coding that was really interesting.  The morning kicked off with a Martin Luther King Jr. breakfast at St. B's church.  Our school was in charge of the center pieces.  They were really quite beautiful.  My friend and co-worker, Michelle's son Devin was one of the featured poetry contest winners.  Devin's Dad, Robert is a poet so it was really neat to see the craft handed down a generation.

Here is A's artwork from a previous MLK day...

Sunday, January 18, 2015


While we were at the Sandpainting presentation, KGO officially turned 9.  Here she is on her first birthday...
here she is this morning getting her breakfast in bed:
What can I possibly say that will describe how much I love and admire you?  You are a bright, shining being and I'm am thrilled that you have landed in our lives.  Thank you for spreading your radiant sunshine with all you know.

I feel like I have blinked once between the two photos above and I just know the next time I open my eyes, you will probably be in college.

I love you to infinity and beyond.


Today, K and I went to the library on a little date and witnessed a really talented man make a painting with sand.  It was quite extraordinary.
putting the finishing touches on his painting

the final picture

K's handprint

the 16th of January 1972 message from Mom

43 years ago this a.m. you were baptized into God's family - precious Karen -.  It was a really cold Jan. a.m. and we gathered at F.L. church with Uncle Larry and Aunt Bev and their family plus Pastor and Sandy Sorlein and their family and GR. and GR. P and your brothers and Dad and I.  Your 3 oldest brothers sang at your baptism.  After the church service we all gathered at GR. and GR. Piersons for our noon meal.  You were a JOY then as you still are.

 Love to all.  Dad and Mom B.

I will always remember my baptism day was also my Grandpa Pierson's 74th birthday.  Thank you for remembering my baptism and for introducing me to the most important being in my life--the Lord Jesus Christ.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

one month

Ross is rarely away from our thoughts.  Today I was remembering Ross the performer.  As our 13 year old is preparing for his Middle School play, I'm reminded of the bright performer who brought such light and love to all he knew.

We love you.
at Christmas a few years ago 2 great performers...

happy birthday bestie!

My very special friend, Julie Annette Thibodeau is celebrating her 43rd year.  I've known her now over 1/2 my life.  So special!

Here is a photo from her 21st birthday with friends Ann & Brent

Monday, January 12, 2015

back to REALLY cold

I'm dreading going out to work out this evening.  Brad said it was -10 when he picked K up and dropped A off at swim practice.  YIKES.

warm day!

We had a break from arctic temperatures on Sunday--it felt like it was summer with temperatures in the 20s.  I'm just wondering what my friends who live in St. Croix would think...cold when it's 68 degrees.

swimming weekend

Saturday night I got home from my conference and congratulated our two swimmers for a great day of swimming.  Kathryn got a BB+ time in her 50 freestyle.  What a speedy swimmer!

celebrating children

On Friday, our staff was treated to a Montessori conference in LaCrosse called Celebrating Children.  It was a fun conference, but I did miss seeing my family one day of the weekend.  The weather was cold, but all our teacher's got a chance to get a continuing education credit for the trip.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

butterfly field trip

Our school went on a really terrific field trip today to the Science Museum of Minnesota for the Flight of the Butterflies movie and butterfly house.  Many students and parents commented that it was the best field trip EVER!  Thankfully we were escorted safely to and from the exhibit by Beau Reed's grandpa, Jim.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

cold day

Today was a day that my daughter and I got to go to school together and WORK!  We got a bunch of pencils sharpened, some rocket math sheets printed, laminated and cut out, got my SLO completed and just had some fun!

Tomorrow is our field trip to the Science Museum and hopefully tonight I can get some more reading done on Mocking Jay ;).

Stay warm everyone!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Nels had a lovely reception this evening at the Forpaugh restaurant in St. Paul hosted by his lovely sister Christina.  I got to see Mom, Ruby, Kayo, Kayo's sisters, Erika, Christina, Nels, Nicole, Nicole's parents, Sonja and Nels, Anders, Sheila, Lukas, Seth and Ryan along with my little KGO.  As we were entering the beautiful and upscale restaurant, my daughter turns to me and says "Mom, I think we are under dressed for the occasion"  I simply love her.

Here is a photo from Nels' inauguration:


Wow, it became reaaaaaaallllly cold here in the upper midwest.  On Saturday, we enjoyed a really great day of sledding and on Sunday when we went to get our mittens to go to church, they were frozen solid!  YIKES.

Stay warm everyone.

more fun at the wedding

Betty did such a great job of keeping us up on what was happening at the wedding.   Here are some more photos...they speak a thousand words.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

catching up and celebrating friendship

Last night, I had the opportunity to spend time with two dear friends--Julie and Trish.  We celebrated Julie's and my birthdays with dinner at Mallards in Bayport and then a rum punch (with Cruzan Rum from St. Croix) at Pirate's bar and some dancing/talking/pool playing at another establishment in Stillwater.  What a blessing long lasting friendships are!

enjoying rum punch at Pirate bar in Stillwater

adventure for A

Our eldest son is enjoying an amazing adventure in the Denver area.  He is attending the wedding of our dear friend, Shumair Syed.  I got a text from Betty last night with photos of A as a member of the wedding party.

Here is the group of texts she has sent so far:

me:  Hi Betty!  Just checking to see how the trip is going.

Betty:  Our trip as gone well.  Nice flight.  Sumair and his Mom picked us up.  Took a walking tour of the hotel.  Outdoor heated pool.  Had a very fancy dinner.  Great conversation with Anders while eating.  Tomorrow we are going to the mall.  Wedding festivities start at 7pm.

me:  Wow!  Sounds really great.  Please give everyone our love especially to Anders Cole!  Thank you for this amazing opportunity!

Betty:  He loves you too!

me:  Hi again, thinking of you before the big event.  Can you remind me what color is on the dress code tonight?

Betty:  Anders is part of the wedding party.  Attached are some pictures.

Yellow seems to be the main color for the women.

me:  Wow!   Incredible!  Please give our love to Shumair too.

Betty:  Anders was spectacular.  He participated in everything!  We are three of the five non-pac guests.

happy new year!

We rang in the new year with Bruce, Julie, Isaiah, Joe, Henry, Dehlia and our family at the RiverView Suites downtown River Falls.  We ate dinner at Luigi's and then went swimming at the pool and popped some popcorn and watched the ball drop.

As I drove past Anytime Fitness, I saw my friend George there on his exercise bike.  I felt badly because I had told him my plan was to be there when the ball dropped, but hopefully I get a chance to work out with him again soon.

Happy New YEAR!

swimming in Lindstrom

Last night, Osten, Brad and I drove to Lindstrom, Minnesota to see the River Falls Wildcats face Spring Lake Park and the Wildcats of Chisag...