Saturday, February 16, 2019

heading south

In less than an hour, our family plans on heading south to visit Saint James and my lovely Momma, Vivian Grace Blomgren for the day. I'm so excited to see her and hear all the news of home.

It's now Sunday morning and we got to see Grandma B! We arrived around noon, had a lovely lunch of homemade beef roast and root vegetables, some taco salad (my favorite) and fresh veggies. For dessert we were treated to Grandmas Special K bars and some new no bake cookies.

During the afternoon, we gave her one last Christmas gift, her new Best Grandma mug, Osten read his newly written story about a fight with monkeys to grandma, Katie read a book and Brad and I visited with Grandma. We got her squared away on her CD player, got a hand vacuum charging and also went through a whole bunch of papers from Dad's hospitalizations. It felt good. Then we visited the soon to be closing Shopko in town and went out for an early dinner at McDonalds.

We left St. James at 6pm, stopped for a new stove thermometer at Fleet Farm and at Family Fresh for some whole milk to make yogurt.

Made the yogurt and watched a little Emperor's New Groove and then off to bed.

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