Monday, July 30, 2012

camper curtain marathon

We are headed out in the Apache again next week and three more curtains needed to be completed.  I chose a new fabric--a cool queen sized sheet that already had two of four sides hemmed.  Finish the remaining two seams, attach the snap header, attach the modified runners and tomorrow my assistant and I will hang the curtains. 

Now it is time for sleep.

The Olympics have been really fun to watch while finishing the curtains.  So much talent!

adding the snap header

my lovely pin assistant

Saturday, July 28, 2012

final show

There was a great audience today supporting River Rat 3.  Grandpa Bud, friends Julie, Abby and Libby, cousins Angel, Joe, Isaiah, sister and Dad there to support him.  Julie captured some really nice shots of the esteemed actor:

He is eager for the production next year of Robin Hood. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

river rat 3

Anders made his debut this evening at Meyer Middle School as River Rat 3.  He loves the stage and did a great job delivering his lines.  Way to go.
The full cast of Tom Sawyer

The Townies

The River Rats with Anders goofing off center back--supposed to be goofy pose

luther point

Last night I was missing KGO and went to the Luther Point website to see if any photos were posted from their adventure.  I wasn't disappointed.  It looks like they are having a lovely time--including squished S. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

construction fun

Right outside our window, there is plenty of entertainment for O to enjoy.  He perches in our breakfast nook or outside on the lawn to watch the new round-about being constructed.  Today they put in a new sidewalk which was also very interesting to observe.

nap deprived

In our moving and bustle, it has been a challenge for little O to settle down for a nap.  He has moved to a big boy bed with siderails, so he can no longer be trapped in a crib.  Therefore, he is finding alternate places to take a nap. 

The other day he was having a snack of Nutella and bread and passed out mid bite...pretty cute I think.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

last box

I think the last box was attacked and conquered this evening.  It is so refreshing to have everything in its new place.  Photos in new spots--including photos in my closet, Anders' room and Osten/Kathryn's room. 
Stuff that used to be on my dresser--now neatly displayed in closet

Our first family photo and my cool paper doll hanging

K's 1st birthday poster, birth plaque and praying girl

O's birth plaque, praying boy and 1st birthday poster

O's new big boy bed

tiny hand and foot prints

dining room table top is now visible!

A's ball cap and Twins plaque display

Monday, July 23, 2012


A sliding into the pool and into level six swimming lessons next summer

K waiting her turn to show off her front float--floating right on into level three next summer
I think using Caren's pool on a daily basis this year really cemented A & K's swimming skills.  They still need to be cautious, but it is nice to know they can swim well if needed. 

gymnasty-ics take 2

Last year during Hollywood Week for gymnastics, I had written a post about how hot and humid the picture taking week was...this year our internal temperatures are more suited for high temps and humidity, but everyone else was complaining about how uncomfortable the conditions were inside the gymnasium. 

K did a beautiful job showing her tricks--she does a lovely cartwheel and has nice upper-body strength. 

I love the opportunities we have here in the land of plenty.

county fair time

The Watonwan county fair was attended by our family of five.  It was fun to see cousins show their animals and to see some friends from when the fair was part of my summer routine. 

Ross was awarded with the trophy for champion breeding gilt and Jr. Showmanship and has earned 3 state fair trips
Liana was awarded with the trophy for champion pigeon and Jr. Showmanship and has earned at least 2 state fair trips. 

K riding one of Mom's all time favorites

A & K riding with my cousin Anders son

A down the slide

O on his favorite ride

The kids enjoyed the rides and playing bingo.  Anders was able to work at the 4-H food stand and found it be very interesting. 

3rd River Rat

A tried out for the River Falls Community Theater production of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.  He was hoping for the part of Tom, but instead was cast as River Rat #3.  He has speaking parts and he thinks it would be pretty great to live as a River Rat. 

Performances are this Friday at 7pm and Saturday at 2pm.  It will be fun to see it come together.


A is officially a hunter passing his safety exam last night with a strong 94%.  Way to go!

wishing to be a hunter from Halloween 2007

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

2nd celebration of 11th birthday

While we were in Grantsburg, Grandma Betty made cakes for Anders' and Osten's birthdays.  We celebrated Osten's birthday while Ryan was visiting and we celebrated Anders' birthday while Brent's family was visiting.

The soldier's with snowball arsenal

Anders holding Osten back from blowing out his 11 candles

Grandpa, grandson and Dad honoring the celebration of Anders' 11th birthday
The cake boss, Kathryn helped with the decorating of both cakes, but Anders was a major factor in the decor of his military cake.

2nd celebration of 2nd birthday

Cake Boss Kathryn placing flowers on Osten's 2nd 2nd birthday cake

Enjoying the celebration the 2nd time around notice the missing flowers on the edge--Osten had quite the affinity for sugar flowers

Look at all my "gucks"

Testing out the new presents


We LOVE having tasty, fresh, organic milk here in Wisconsin.  An additional plus is the easily recycled packaging (glass milk bottles)

Even Kathryn asks for seconds...very nice.

kitchen transformation

 I realize now I don't have any "before" pictures, but here are photos of our new to us kitchen:

the open cupboard nice and freshly painted and organized

where many dishes have been/will be washed--window treatments towels from Target

view from the entry

view from the breakfast nook
heading out to the porch

look at that white ceiling

swimming in Lindstrom

Last night, Osten, Brad and I drove to Lindstrom, Minnesota to see the River Falls Wildcats face Spring Lake Park and the Wildcats of Chisag...