Saturday, March 31, 2012

wild surf

Today was a great day.  It was the last day of open season at Sandy Point before they close it for turtle watching.  We are planning on going on turtle watch with friends, but today was the last day for us to romp in the waters. 

On our way to Sandy Point we decided to eat at Ace Roti shop and take a drive to the Gordon Finch Molassas Pier.  We got to see part of the island we have never seen before--the inner workings of Hovensa--here are some photos that we found interesting:

cool egg-like tanks with winding staircase

a boat at the launch

enormous bags of sand?????

The surf was magical--we body surfed and did a little boogie boarding action and now I feel like it's time to go to bed even as it is 7pm.  We wanted to watch the surfers at Spratt Hall today as Haley told me there is a tropical depression on it's way and the surf is really strong so lots of strong surfers would be out and showing off their skills.  We didn't catch a glimpse of them, but did enjoy playing in the surf ourselves.

Anders, Kathryn, Mikayla, Brittney and Rachel enjoying the surf

Osten digging the sand

Osten met a new little friend named Mason--the son of the owners of N2the blue dive shop.  They chased each other around and kept falling onto the beach.  It was really cute.

Just finished eating some homemade icecream and will watch The Longest Day with the little family. 

Friday, March 30, 2012

daddy daughter dance

Brad asked his best girl--Kathryn Grace Olson--to the Daddy Daughter Dance at the Good Hope School this evening.  I think he is even more excited than she.  Osten wanted to tag along, but Mom is with the boys and Dad with his girl. 

The boys and I are watching netflix and enjoying some mac&cheese and hotdogs.  Memories.

daughter and daddy by the Christmas palm

Little brother Osten also wanted to tag along

Thursday, March 29, 2012

sweet/sour tamarind

Tamarind tree at the Good Hope playground

closeup of the tamarind pod

with shell removed

sticky fruit extracted from pod

tasting the tamarind

tamarind seed
One of the many fruits we have enjoyed are tasty tamarinds.  They have a distinctive sweet/sour taste.  DELICIOUS.

life events

Today we received an invitation for our nephew, Thomas Matthew Blomgren's confirmation.  We will not be able to attend as we will be thousands of miles away.  We will also miss our Godson, Ross Issac's confirmation and his brother, Stuart Martin's graduation from highschool.

We also will miss seeing the amazing Stuart play the part of Danny in Grease on the Butterfield-Odin High School stage.

These are times we especially miss.

We will be there in mind and spirit though and would appreciate any photo documentation ;)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Monday, March 26, 2012

The winds of war have roped me into another series. The Wind of War a television miniseries from 1983 has captured my interest on the Netflix queue. Anders is enjoying the historical parts and I am fondly remembering watching this with Mom and Dad in our basement in Butterfield. If you have the chance, you should check it out.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fun with friends

Today we hosted a really fun family at our home. Jack, Nash, Rory, Charlie, Pat & Roxy Ramsdell came over to play. The kids had a blast! Including Osten who decided to strip down and get in the swimsuit required for that guy;)

Friday, March 23, 2012

16 teeth what do you get?

A mouth nearly full of baby teeth. Working on some molars...drooling and chewing. He is a trooper though!

Day 4 & 5 in St. John

Day 4

During the night, Anders became sick--I think day 3 had been a little too much fun.  So day 4 & 5 were more low key, but still very enjoyable.  Anders, Kathryn and I walked up to the commisary and bought some cran/grape juice and sprite as this is Grandma Betty's concoction to cure any ail. It did the trick!

Next, our family walked down to the beach and played tag in the sand and updated weekly pictures.  Bruce and Julie joined us and we rented a sailboat where Bruce took out one group and Julie and I stayed on shore with Osten.  Julie lulled Osten to sleep after a snack of cheerios and sand. 


After sailing, we made sandcastles and swam.  Julie, Anders and I went to town to do some shopping.  Anders started feeling sick again, so we got him some chewable asprin and he warmed up in the sun. 

Back to the campground where we ate dinner at the restaurant and turned in early.  There was a fun band there and Osten started to dance along with the upbeat music.

Day 5

During the night, Osten had scooted down to the bottom of our shared cot.  I went down to retrieve him and misjudged the placement of the cot.  I landed on the floor and on the bucket we had designated as the "sickness recepticle".  Needless to say, I was in a lot of pain and agony.  Brad took Osten into bed with him--thank you soooo much. 

Upon waking, I knew I wasn't going to be any help in getting packed and ready to go back to St. Croix because I was in a lot of pain.  Bruce, Julie, Brad, Anders and Kathryn totally picked it up a notch and I traveled in comfort.  Bruce and Julie got me ice, painreliever and helped Brad get everything together.  The taxi driver let me sit in the front back to the harbor.  Anders and Kathryn did everything I asked and then some.  It was incredible.

Our ferry ride to Charlotte Amelie was rainy and full of sea spray, but lots of fun.  Osten had the time of his life and was looking forward to being soaked.  I sat next to an interesting man who was on vacation from Ottawa, Canada where he works at the US Embassy.  A nice walk to the seaplane where Bruce and Julie managed to get us an earlier flight to St. Croix. 

We landed at home in St. Croix!  I deplaned and felt quite good, but felt even better when we arrived at home, took a hot bath, got some icy hot on my back and snuggled with my wonderful little family.   Today my back is feeling even better.  Brad, Anders and Kathryn are helping with everything and I getting a great chance to rest.  I am blessed. 

Magical Spring Break.

Day 3 in St. John

a photo of the St. John harbor from the Bad Kitty
 Day 3 dawned early and we arrived at the taxi stand at 7am to take a ride down to the waterfront.  Passports in hand, we checked into the Bad Kitty 2 and boarded a lovely powerboat along with 2 couples, a father and his two daughters and three crew members.   Off to Virgin Gorda, BVI where Luke from the crew attended to customs.  We walked around Virgin Gorda for a few minutes and then boated off to "the Baths".  WOW.  We jumped from the boat and swam about 100 yards.  Brad brought Osten on a little kick board.  We explored the caves and Brad, Anders and I jumped from a large rock into the lovely turquoise waters.

Happy lifevest wearer

our swim to the baths

an image of the Cathedral cave from google images

After swimming back to our vessel, we boated to Cooper Island and ate lunch. Chicken Roti, grilled cheese and a burger for our family. YUM.

view of the restaurant from the dock

Bruce and Anders

Kathryn and Osten enjoying an inside joke

dining in BVI under the flag

Next, we boated to Norman Island for some snorkeling.  On the way over, Anders got a chance to drive the boat.

and then from there we drove to the beach at Jost VanDyke and saw Ivan's Bar. Kathryn had the opportunity to drive the boat during this leg of the journey, which was right up her ally. The rest of us were on whale watch as the boat had spied whales in the past couple of days. We did not catch a glimpse, but it was fun to watch for them.

Bruce and Osten in the lovely water

daughter and Mother

Father and son

what an awesome God we have to create this


We then sped across the sea back to St. John where we checked in with customs and were allowed back into the US.  Back to camp and a dinner of mashed potatoes and ring bologna. 

Anders said many times.  "This is the best day ever".  I concur.

Osten enjoyed hanging his head out the window to catch a breeze

Brad, Osten and Kathryn enjoying the view from the 2nd deck

taking some time off from swim diaper...Osten was overcome with joy

The family was tatooed with the ship moniker

Bruce and Julie soon to celebrate 40 years of marriage

happy little lady


Today, the River Falls High School theater had a flashback to musical 2015. They wrote this as the tagline: Anders burst on stage four year...