Thursday, October 11, 2007

days of our lives...

Here are some various events of our lives since the last update. We had a wind storm that had an issue with our hammock...branch won the fight as you can see from first photo.

Second photo is a priceless glimpse of two generations enjoying a little panfishing expedition.

Third photo was from a magical bonfire of an old stump at Bud and Betty's.

Fourth is Anders and buddies Jack, Luke and John on Luke and Anders' first day of school. John is a seasoned 1st grader and Jack has a few years to grow before he heads to school.

and lastly is a wonderful photo of an amazing artist--our cousin Dionne Swanson. We were honored to attend an event where she was the featured artist.

Love to all and don't forget to watch the Brady's and Horton's in their fight against the DiMeara's....

swimming in Lindstrom

Last night, Osten, Brad and I drove to Lindstrom, Minnesota to see the River Falls Wildcats face Spring Lake Park and the Wildcats of Chisag...