Thursday, November 27, 2008

Katie's Recital

Kathryn Grace Olson has enjoyed her very first dance experience with an amazing teacher named Miss Jennifer. On Monday, November 17, Katie had an audience with her brother Anders, Grandma and Grandpa Olson and Dad and Mom. Our neighbor and Katie's playmate, Megan Odegard (who happens to be 4 weeks younger than Katie) was also a part of the recital.

As you will see, Kate has a beautiful updo courtesy of Sheri, Katie's wonderful caregiver. The Lion Sleeps Tonight was the main dance performed and I'm sure Kate will oblige you if you ask her to repeat the performance.

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Anonymous said...

She is just so thrilled about the dance and the dress up for the recital. It was so much fun to watch and see her enthusiasm. 'Course she is pretty excited about most things and makes everything more fun for all of us! Thanks for inviting us, it was such a good time!

Grandpa Bud

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