Sunday, January 20, 2008

Birthday Party, Birthday Party!

We have a wonderful two year old living here in River Falls. Thanks to all who helped Katie celerate and those who were here in thought celebrating Katie's second year! Grace, Betty, Bud, Kyle,Kim, Brad, myself, Brent, Molly, Jenna, Kyle Jr., Adam, Liana, Ryan, Anders, Katie and Siri attended and enjoyed lunch and a wonderful cake made by Grandma Betty.

Love you all and thanks from Katie!

Ice Capades

Anders Olson is the best fisherman--was the password into an ice shack on Big Wood Lake last weekend. Anders spent about 10 hours honing his icefishing fins and caught at least that many fish. Here are some photos of the escapades...

some photos that I forgot to post from the past week

Osten watching the Wildcats at practice after swimming lessons every day Osten and his buddy Jayden at the Ellsworth pool the cast o...