Monday, July 30, 2018

movie, crabbing and shopping oh my!

Last night, our family ventured into Burlington to the movie theater. The boys went to Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom and the girls went to Mamma Mia, Here We Go Again. The boys enjoyed the movie, the girls thought the plot line was a little hard to follow, but we LOVED the fashion from the movie.

This morning, Brad and Anders went out to check crab pots with neighbor Larry and came home with 10 dungeness crab. While they did that, Osten and I went out for a walk and a football game while Katie lounged around the house watching TV.

Lunch and then the boys stayed at the house while Katie and I went out shopping after being inspired by the fashion of Mamma Mia. We did make a few purchases in preparation for the coming school year. I'm going to start preparing dinner--Ibby's Mac and Cheese and Brad is making clams YUM!

This has been a pretty outstanding adventure so far!

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