Sunday, July 29, 2018

football and clamming

Today we all slept in (at least I believe everyone did, I got up at 9:30am). Osten, Brad and Anders went into town to get fishing/clamming/crabbing licenses and when they got home we noticed Osten was the new owner of this...

a favorite quarterback Russell Wilson's jersey.

Then Brad, Anders and Katie went out with neighbor Larry hunting for horse clams. Katie took the camera and here are some of the photos she captured:

We ate lunch and then went out for a football game at the local park. Brad and I were the Bears--Osten and Anders were the Seahawks. Katie was all time offense. The result was the Seahawks 28 Bears 21.

and then on the way back to the house, we found some peaceful mule deer eating in a meadow
Now Brad is out cleaning the clams, I'm updating our blog, Anders is playing video games on his phone, Katie is watching videos on her iPod and Osten is tossing around a football. I'm planning on making some mac and cheese for dinner to go along with clams.

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