Saturday, July 28, 2018

day 3

Signing in from Boise, Idaho! We didn't realize how popular Boise would be so had some tricky times finding accomodation, but are now safely settled into a Holiday Inn Express. Osten is already asleep and Anders is close behind.
where Brad is going elk hunting this fall--we used to hike here lots when living in Idaho Falls

red rocks in Wyoming

view of the Tetons on the Wyoming side

eating square ice cream in Swan Valley, Idaho

sunset over the Snake River near American Falls, Idaho

the best hotel of our trip in Boise, Idaho

We left Casper at 8:30am and made it to Jackson, Wyoming for lunch at McDonalds. We then drove to the area near Swan Valley Idaho where Brad is going elk hunting with friends this fall. He wanted to do a little scouting to make sure he remembered where to go. We made it and it was fun to go down the trail a little bit with Anders. He doesn't really remember hiking there as he was 2 1/2 the last time we visited that spot.

Next on our list was square scooped ice cream from Rainey Creek--drove to Idaho Falls, recognized parts of the city and then on to Pocatello for dinner. We enjoyed fry sauce on our french fries (an Idaho original dipping sauce) and then Anders safely drove us to Boise where we struggled to find a room because it seems to be a very popular destination.

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