Friday, July 6, 2018

more lake time

Spending time at the lake is pretty incredible. We said goodbye to the Weaver Olsons and enjoyed a delicious dinner prepared by Brent. I made Ibby's Mac and Cheese (super yummy) and we also ate some Texas Caviar that I also prepared.

Ended up spending time tooling around the lake and seeing a place Molly and Brent are considering purchasing and watching kids tubing behind the pontoon.

We moved back to the house (had been staying at the hunting shack Tuesday and Wednesday night).

Micah and Ivan getting ready for a boat tour

Ike and Molly enjoying the Lilypad

Dehlia hamming it up in the water

Natalie anticipating a boat tour

profiles of Momma and daughter Kimberly and Natalie

sister and brother in love alert!

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