Thursday, March 29, 2018

the sixth day

Day six is now in the books. Waking up really late on day 7 giving a testimony to the fullness of day six.

We split up--Brad and Anders dropped Katie, Osten and I at the Aquarium at 10am while they went hog hunting a few hours away with a guide. 

Osten, Katie and I toured the aquarium and especially enjoyed the shark, watching for dolphins in the harbor, seeing the sea turtles who have been rescued and touching different marine life in a touch tank. 

We then ubered (got a driver who works for Uber) to Folly Beach. John, a very kind, friendly driver got us safely to Folly Beach. We set up our spot on the beach after changing into our beach attire. We sunscreened up (not enough looking at Osten's skin the morning) and the kids ran into the surf as I lounged/beach walked and enjoyed the full South Carolina sun. 

We ate lunch at a little cafe on the beach, walked down the boardwalk to watch the surfers and then went in search of some fun clothing/mementos from Folly.

After searching four stores Katie chose a nice sweatshirt that says Forever Salty, Osten chose a tee-shirt from the Surf Shop that says "The Surf is Strong with this one" featuring Darth Vader. I chose a beach sweater with horizontal stripes of cream, blue, yellow and orange. I bought a pair of US flag socks for Anders and didn't get anything for Brad because nothing "spoke" to me. Keep shopping. 

We had to pay a premium on our way back from Folly back to the condo but a very nice man named Donald picked us up as we were finishing off ice cream cones and got us safely back to our condo. Showered up and prepared to go see the 3D movie Ready Player One at a little movie theater/restaurant. We walked there and were served cheese pizza and pops. Not the best dinner ever, but it hit the spot. The movie was enjoyable and then we walked back to the condo and crashed for the night.

I did get a text from Brad that Anders had been successful on the hunt. They did spend the night there so will soon be back at the condo and will probably spend a part of the day just resting. 

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