Tuesday, March 6, 2018

late start

4:50 am call from Superintendent Benson stating we have a 2 hour delay to the start of our day. The calls cycled through our phones (Brad's phone, home phone, Karen's phone) and then there was a second round saying that there was no morning 4K.

I awoke and made my way to Anytime where very few athletes were practicing their normal routine. On my way home I took a little tumble (watch out the roads are slick) and am documenting in case I'm sore later and can't remember why.

Now I'm finishing up a few last papers to grade and will soon jump in the shower and finish my coffee and yogurt/granola. Anders got to work at DQ last night and appreciated the late start to the day.

Today after school some of my students are presenting their learning at a district tech/math showcase. I'm eager to see them in action.

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