Saturday, March 17, 2018


definition of luck
as a noun: success or failure apparently brought on by chance rather than through one's actions.

as a verb:  chance to find or acquire.

I believe we all have been graced with luck, but I also believe that we have had an impact on our lives through application of planning and action.

I am so thankful that Katie had a great time at her second middle school dance and is now home safely from her sleepover at friend Quinn's home. She may be a bit resistant to head out to the shooting range today for her trap team, but I'm so thankful that she is giving it a try.

I am so thankful that Brad is running errands and will be working to help the church house on 3rd street get ready to be rented by young women next year and the year after.

I am so thankful that Osten is loving football and playing in his mind, noticing the differences between football scores and call who the winner of the game is.

I am so thankful that Anders is asleep in his bed after a big week of music, working, hanging out with Emma and heading into the last weeks of third quarter as a sophomore at River Falls High School.

Is this luck? I don't know, maybe a little luck and a lot of planning, I'm just thankful for where I am and the anticipation of a lovely sunny Saturday that doubles as St. Patrick's Day.

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