Tuesday, March 27, 2018

fifth day

Day 5 dawned early. Our family arrived at Shem Creek park at 8am and boarded a charter with captain Richard. Anders and Brad fished with Brad catching one and Anders catching two red fish. Katie, Osten and I just enjoyed the sights.

We then trolled to a couple of different spots to get crab. Our bait was chicken backs and dead fish. All but Osten tried with Anders and Katie both snagging a few crabs--none of them keepers. We went back to dock and made it back to land. Osten was especially happy to be back on land.

Water's Edge is where we lunched--our server was pretty incredible. I ate a flounder sandwich and enjoyed a piece of Keylime pie, Brad had oysters on the half shell and clams, Anders had a burger, Katie had mac and cheese, Osten had buttered noodles.

After lunch we went to Boone Hall Plantation where we were wowed by the breathtaking drive lined with oaks (as seen on Gone With The Wind and North and South) and the movie the Notebook.

We're now back at the Condo for a little rest and then we will head out to a light dinner.

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