Friday, March 9, 2018

choir concert

Our handsome son Anders had a terrific choir concert at River Falls Public High School. The final selection was especially exciting with a combined choir where the choirs sang and danced a traditional African song. I could hear Anders and my friend Carrie took a couple pictures of him.

Anders is the Symphonic choir and sang:

Dominic Has a Doll by Vincent Persichetti
Kyrie by Andrea Klous
Cornerstone by Shawn Kirchner (with solos/small groups by Sophia Aaron Wilbur, Lilly Konkel, Sophia Schmidt, Elijah Arneson, Sydney Landgraf, Jackson Califf, Rachel Mann, Teigan Gentry, Mitchell Kallenbach, Anna Kuehn & Annika Nord

and with the combined choirs:
Kwela Kwela--Traditional Sotho & Zulu Songs arranged by University of Pretoria Youth Choir

My favorite songs of the evening was performed by the Chamber Choirs

The first was Wau Bulan a Malyasian Folksong/arr by Tracy Wong
SATB--soloist Olivia Kittleson and bongo drums by Isaac Gabriel, Olivia Kittleson, Andrew Smits & Macie VanNurden and movement by Mary Casey, Dana Craig, Alexa Kromery, Emily Meyer and Camryn Shea

The second was Elijah Rock a traditional spiritual arranged by Jester Hairston
SSAA choir (Emma Christensen performed).

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