Sunday, March 25, 2018

day 2

About an hour after on the road, the weather started. First it was snow, then it was snow/rain, then it was hail, and then full fledged rain. Brad was the driver all day (thank goodness) and we ended up pulling into Island of Palms at the Wild Dunes resort at about 12:15am.

Lunch was at a Steak and Shake in Batesville, Indiana

Dinner was at Bojangles in Canton, North Carolina

we stopped a few places along the way for bathroom breaks/gas

Osten started feeling a little under the weather about dinner time and spent time sleeping until we arrived at Island of Palms South Carolina.

The temperature was in the lower 60s when we arrived and we enjoyed the mild temperatures and the soft salt breeze. We saw some more license plates for the license plate game we've been playing.

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