Wednesday, August 16, 2017

how she fared at the fair

She spent time preparing projects, bringing them to the fair, was conference judged on three items and this is how she did: 

non-conference judging of her tornado skit

non conference judged on her scrapbook of camping with the Knier family

non-conference judged photos and brief journaling of first year camping

conference judged two of her 4 photos for photography (she got a blue)

2nd two photos

conference judged shorts made with grandma Betty

non conference judged Tornado Safety poster

conference judged family wheel with Katie and siblings in middle, parents/aunts/uncles next tier, grandparents/great aunts and uncles next tier, great grandparents next tier and great great grandparents outside  
non conference judged quilted wall hanging made with grandma Betty--was invited by the Ellsworth Library to have displayed at the 4H exhibit during the month of September

non conference judged puppet with a movable mouth--not durable eyes
non conference judged chocolate chip cookies made with great grandma Grace's recipe. No explanation of the placing...

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