Wednesday, August 2, 2017

heading to Mankato

On Saturday we headed to Mankato with Grandma B--she wanted to see if she could find some good shoes for the wedding. I ended up buying Katie a new outfit, a dress for the wedding and Osten a new outfit for the wedding. It was fun to spend time at the River Hills mall and brought back great memories of living in the place Brad and I met, fell in love and spent the first year of our marriage.

By the way, Mom opted to wear a pair of shoes already in her closet. I hope to develop her restraint someday.

time on the carousel at the mall

this guy conned his way into a free ride--the attendant really got a kick out of his pure enthusiasm for riding/singing/dancing

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first flakes

This morning at 6:15am I was leaving Anytime Fitness and saw the very first snowflakes of the season. Ready or not here it comes...