Thursday, August 10, 2017

county fair time!

The Pierce County Fair is officially starting! On Monday, our 7 year old took his homemade brownies. As the judge was asking him if he was going to bake again next year he responded "no, but I am planning on bringing something really good--Legos".

On Tuesday, our 11 year old brought her family wheel history project, puppet with moveable mouth, shorts, photography, her scrapbook of camping with the Knier family and her original play about tornado safety. She was conference judged on history, shorts and photography and received blues on all three projects. She also received a blue on her scrapbook and original play. We forgot to check on her puppet.

On Wednesday, she brought three projects to be judged without conferencing. She delivered a tornado safety poster, an original wall hanging and two chocolate chip cookies that were baked from Grandma Grace's recipe.

Tomorrow we will head to the fair where I get to judge herdsmanship for horses and also work at the 4H food stand. We shall see how she did on the  remaining 4 projects.

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