Sunday, August 27, 2017

great MN get together and records day

On Friday, Osten had a play date at his buddy Coulter's house. We then picked him up and went to the MN State Fair. On our way there we discovered a new grocery store called Restaurant Depot--Brad is planning on making a big fish boil for church as had the ability to purchase on behalf of the church. It is like Sam's Club but even more bulk! We bought a bunch of red potatoes, onions, cod, butter, salt and even more for the fish boil.

The store was right across the road from the fairgrounds, but we would have had to pay $20 to park there while not shopping. We drove to a park and ride where we got shuttled to the fairgrounds. We arrived at about 5pm and found Ryan right away in the dairy barn. We then walked out and saw Jim and Darla Hoppe who directed us to a great stand that sold delicious chicken, egg rolls and rice. 

Katie, Brad and Osten drove go carts, Katie and I went on the space needle while Brad and Osten went on the sky ride. Rain was on its way so we hurried back to the shuttles to get back to our car. Osten had a long conversation with a fellow bus rider about his day. He talked about the food, the rides and about all the people he saw. It was fun to listen to his recounting of the day. As we were riding on the shuttle, the rain started. We arrived at our car and drove back to River Falls. 

Katie had found a $5 bill on the way out of the fairgrounds so we opted to drive to DQ in River Falls to order treats from Anders. We arrived at 10pm and ate some really delicious treats--chocolate shake for Osten, smoothies for Brad and Katie and I had a mini blizzard.

Saturday was a rainy day and Katie and Osten started and finished their 4H records...whew!

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