Wednesday, August 2, 2017

celebrating Jenna!

My very special niece, Jenna Louise is soon to marry a very kind and caring young man named Cody. On Friday, the aunts/Dad's friends held a shower in her honor at aunt Darla Hoppe's beautiful home. Darla and friends made hor d' erves and sangria. Joan made a delicious salad, Kim made amazing lasagna and I brought buttered bread.

The attendees were: Jenna, her future mother in law Linda, her Mom Kelly, grandma Vivian, grandma Marion, Kyeanna (and her baby bump), Kaitie, aunt Terri--her three daughters, aunt Darla, aunt Kim, cousin Liana, aunt Joan, aunt Karen, cousin Katie and then women who were in YACS with Kurt and Kelly. Cody and his Dad, Neil arrived after dinner. They received some beautiful gifts and the evening was lots of fun.

Our best to the soon to be newly weds!

grandmothers Vivian and Marion

Blomgren family--Karen, Kyeanna, Joan, Vivian and Kim

the K's--Katie and Kaitie


Katie and grandma B

unexpected picture of me by Katie

the Moms--Kelly and Linda with Jenna

Katie and Liana

Jenna and Cody's engagement picture

Jenna's Halloween costume 1991

Jenna and Katie

Kaitie, Liana and Katie

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