Monday, August 21, 2017

goodbye Blomgren hello Hauser

On Friday night, Katie and I drove to St. Cloud for the rehearsal of Jenna and Cody's wedding. We had a wonderful time and I got a chance to visit with the woman who was officiating the service. She had lived in St. Croix USVI in the mid-1980s and had worked for uncle Bruce and aunt Julie.

Yummy pizza and drinks at a bowling alley in Sartell ended our evening with the wedding party and then Grandma B, Katie and I drove back to our fancy hotel suite.

We slept very well, had breakfast and then got Grandma B to the church for pictures at 12:30. Katie and I shot basketball hoops, swam and then got ready for the wedding. We arrived with just 11 minutes to spare and thankfully had a space close to the front to sit. It happened that the other reader and I wore matching colors. The service was lovely and I teared up just a bit when Jenna and her daddy walked down the aisle.

After the service, we went to the hotel and I got to see my Brad, Anders and Osten who drove separately because Anders had marching band and work commitments. The reception area was gorgeous! With a reclaimed wooden heart for guest to inscribe their names and well wishes. We picked our name cards up and proceeded to pick out our seating.

Before the wedding party arrived, there was a social hour poolside where we got a chance to mingle and enjoy beverages. After they arrived, we went into the dining room and enjoyed speeches by the best man, matron of honor and father of the bride. We got to see a few incriminating posters of Cody as a younger man. Cody then wrapped it up by thanking us all for attending.

Then came more socializing and the DANCE! We had a blast dancing and I don't think we spent much time anywhere else all evening. At midnight, we retired to our room and had very sweet dreams.

Congratulations Jenna and Cody. May the glow of your wedding day never be dimmed.
lighting the unity candle

the 2001 cousins trying to be very tall

the royal blue wearnign readers

grandma and granddaughter walking to the reception

Mom and daughter at the reception

remembering those who have passed...

Mom and Kurt dancing

Osten and Stella dancing

guess who caught the bouquet?

grandson and grandma after a long evening...

the happily married couple

Kaitie, Jenna and Kyeanna before the wedding 

Jenna and her wedding party

Kaitie and Vance

Kaitie and Cody

my new great niece Stella and my someday niece in law Kaitie

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