Saturday, May 7, 2011


Today was a day for Anders Cole to show his many talents.  This afternoon at 2pm, he presented Linus and Lucy at Ezekiel Lutheran Church for his piano recital.  Brad and I were blown away when he performed without his music as he had the music memorized.

He was also presented with a plaque from Western Wisconsin Music Teachers for the contest he participated in last year and this year.  When students earn points in increments of 25, they are presented with a plaque and then for every additional 25 points, they receive a bar to add to their plaque.  He was pleased with his plaque.

Shortly after his recital, his park and rec baseball team (coached by Mike Noreen and Brad) met at Hoffman Park for spring training.  Anders is excited for the season and said he has high hopes for a competitive and fun season. 

Grandma Betty and Grandpa Bud spent the day with us today and kept remarking how much Osten has matured in the few weeks since they spent time with him.  He ended up waving bye bye and saying bye bye when they left...

Yesterday at Liz's he let go of the pack and play and took a step to another piece of furniture.  I believe baby proofing at our house needs a new level of intensity.  As I'm writing this he is pulling papers out of Brad's desk below me...YIKES.

Anders performing Linus and Lucy

all of the performers at the recital
anders and his new starwars legos & baseball clothes

anders 10th birthday cake on the porch

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