Monday, May 16, 2011

8 degrees?

I just heard from my work buddy, Lisa that it was 8degrees this morning in northern Minnesota.  Hopefully our sweet Brad and Anders stayed warm last night! 

Katie, Osten and I have been well taken care of by Grandpa Bud since Thursday and Grandma Betty on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Betty and Katie came and visited me at work on Friday, Betty took Katie to her friend, Lief's birthday party on Saturday, Betty and Bud watched Osten while I went out for a 7 mile run on Saturday in the grey/misty coolness, Bud sat with Katie at church after she sang at the contemporary service yesterday, Bud watched Osten as Katie and I went to the church picnic and on a Mother/Daughter walk last night.

Today, Bud is taking Katie to school and will be picking her up.  Thank you for taking excellent care of us while our boys are gone!

Side note, I planted the hydrangea and the rest of my bedding plants yesterday--so exciting to see green again!

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