Wednesday, May 11, 2011

crazy night...morning

Last night was one of the first nights of severe thunderstorm weather for Minnesota/Wisconsin.  Katie and I were watching "The Biggest Loser" when regular programming was interrupted for weather watching.  Katie was very concerned that this storm was directly aimed at River Falls.  Shortly after we started watching, it was time for her to head to bed. 

At about 1:00am, I heard "Mom, Mom" coming from her room.  I went to her room and she asked "is it past 8:30?"  I think that was the estimated time weather would be hitting River Falls and I told her it was past 8:30 and that we were safe.  After crawling into bed, I heard another "Mom, Mom", another trip to her room and she asked if she could have a kiss--I then proceeded to ask if she wanted to come snuggle with Mom & Dad and she took me up on it.  She is such a sweet little person even if she sleeps sideways in the bed ;).

This morning, I was going to be on time to work when I picked up Osten to take him to the car and discovered a world record "blow out".  I changed his and my clothes, leaned down to get a Katie hug/kiss and received a dose of Nutela on my bright yellow shirt--thank you to Brad for helping me clean up and to my office mates for tolerating another five minute late lady.  I am blessed with a fantastic family, great job and outstanding caregiver of Osten!

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