Wednesday, January 24, 2018

sleeping in and fresh new day

On Tuesday at 4:30am, we got calls and text from the School District of River Falls. School was delayed 2 hours. I was about to get up to go work out, but I opted to sleep until 6:30 and start my day.

It was a very short day in the classroom and the children were just amazing with the change. They are such a flexible and wonderful group! We arrived, started our morning meeting, then had a parent come in to be a mystery reader, finished up our morning meeting and headed to lunch. After recess, we practiced for our winter program and then enjoyed gym. Very short day in the classroom.

On the homefront, Osten had his lower two teeth extracted by the dentist and the tooth fairy will be visiting tonight. Brad and Katie were with him and said he was very brave during the procedure! Way to go Osten John!

Last night, Katie had a basketball scrimmage at Page arena on UW River Falls campus...what wonderful opportunities our team has been afforded!

The snowfall amounts were estimated at 11inches. Our landscape in River Falls looks nice, fresh and new and we are feeling very well rested after our snow day/late start. Here we go...

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