Wednesday, January 24, 2018

regular mornng

So far, the day is looking pretty normal. The tooth fairy did visit and left two bright shiny dollar coins that are now being kept in a penguin piggy bank. Katie woke in the night with a sore throat so I think she is going to try and sleep in this morning and maybe go to school a little late.

Anders headed to school with his shaggy mane at 7am in the Prius. Osten is snuggling next to me right now. Brad is working on his computer--has a nice fire burning in the woodstove and has lighted two kerosene lamps to light the gentle winter morning. I woke to get Katie some honey and hot water for her throat and then went to Anytime for my morning workout. I ate my yogurt and granola, drank a cup of cold press coffee with a hint of half and half, started a load of laundry and will soon jump in the shower.

Looking forward to a fun day and presenting some engaging math lessons and seeing our Zizu students Gabby and Judy return for winter semester.

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