Monday, January 15, 2018

Martin Luther King Jr. breakfast

This morning our community gathered for the Martin Luther King Jr. day breakfast. The theme of the breakfast was Building Bridges for a Bold Dream.The children from our school made dream catchers for artwork on the tables. A third grader from our school read her original poem--

Building Bridges for a Bold Dream by Iris Selb

Bridges can lead to peace
Because if we didn't have bridges
We couldn't move forward.

Martin Luther King Jr. was moving forward for civil rights.
He was building his bridge on his just words and peace
and the support of his family.

If I built a bridge, I would want the workers
to have unity
And the iron poured with courage.

This bridge will hold up my bold dream.
And my dream is that things that are apart to be together.
Like Martin Luther King Jr. my bridge will hold up my Dream.

but my favorite part was hearing the River Falls High School Choir madrigals sing Bridge Over Troubled Water and Lean on Me (with We Shall Overcome) because one bass was singing in the group...Anders Cole Olson

director Carrie Loney
singers: Faith Pemble, Sophia Schmidt, Tigan Gentry, Annika Nord, Nathan Burke, Logan Armitage, Wesley Papp, Emily Meyer, Mitch Kallenbach, Anders Olson, Haley Lodge, Rachel Mann, Abbey Markey, Dana Craig and Paul Schatz.

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