Thursday, January 18, 2018

12 years ago today

My beautiful, talented, intelligent, articulate, driven, spirited, musical, dramatic, kind-hearted, inclusive, athletic, strong daughter, Katie Grace was born. She has lit up of our lives with her wit and charm. Thank you KGO. I am in love with you.

Here are some cherished photos from her first 12 years...
her band concert this evening (photo from courtesy friend Dawn)

in St. Croix at Caren's house in Bugby Hole

age 0 with big brother Anders

first birthday party with chicken cake

partying with Siri, Kyle and Kim

Jenna came to the party and slept over!

Age 4 at Chuck E Cheese with Ian, Siri and Hope

5th birthday breakfast in bed

3rd birthday with birthday buddy Libby

Silly Six month old

running into the surf at Sandy Point newly 6

celebrating her 7th with her amazing 1st grade teacher Ms. Altenberg

She's 8

Now 9

thrilled with brother's noise at 10

extinguishing 11 candles

lastly building a sandcastle at Sandy Point...wish I was there right now!

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