Monday, January 1, 2018

new year's eve

I was able to start the morning with Mom in her apartment in St. James. We woke up, had a yummy breakfast, visited with Kurt and then got on the road at about 11:20am. We ate lunch in Jordan at Taco Bell and arrived home at about 2:30. Katie had a sleepover to get ready for so I got her to Hudson and then made a return to Walmart and picked up some items to paint Anders' bedroom wall. 

Home for dinner with Anders, Emma, Osten and Brad at Pizza Hut and then we got home to a blazing fire (thank goodness, it never crawled out of below zero) and a game of Dominion. I then went downstairs to prepare the walls for painting while Anders and Emma played two more games of Dominion. At 10:45 we started a game of Puerto Rico while Osten fell asleep on the couch. We nonchalantly rang in the new year and finished up our game at about 12:45am. 

Low key and very fun way to ring in the new year.

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