Monday, November 20, 2017

remembering a wonderful man

On Sunday, I attended at service for the wonderful man, Paul Mullen. The service started at 2pm and was extremely well attended with people sitting on the floor and standing outside. O stayed with me for a short time during the service but opted to head outside to play on the playground.

Paul was an acquaintance through my work at RFPME. I will always remember him for his dedication to excellence. His son, L, was in my class and will forever be a favorite student of mine. L was a third grader my first year teaching and often stepped in and helped teach some of the first year students when he saw they were needing some assistance. I believe L is a lot like his Dad and I'm so excited to see how he grows and matures.

Paul, you left too soon, but made such a lasting impact on so many lives.

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