Thursday, November 30, 2017


I am so incredibly blessed. My students are so generous, their families are so generous, my family is so generous and I feel so much love all around.

46 years ago today, I was born. I'm incredibly blessed to have been born into my family and given every opportunity to thrive. Thanks Momma and Daddy for everything you've given me.

The day started early with my standard work out at Anytime. Then home to prepare for the day. To school where my 21 sweet students made beautiful wishes, cards, necklace, candy canes, coffee, hand made ornaments and so many hugs I can't even count. Then out to coffee with my dear friend Michelle and then to dinner with my beautiful family where an extremely amazing parent bought our dinner.

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the love, not feeling deserving as I'm sitting here in my cozy little home watching the wood stove and feeling the radiant energy from it's logs. So blessed am I.

Anders hand wreath made in Kindergarten with Mrs. Eggiman

dining table, tree and village

tree from hunting land

advent wreath and nativity 

new tree from Momma B--There's no place like home and angel from Odin Craft Mill circa 2003

the village piece from Anders Christmas 2016

Aunt Ruby's Christmas angel wreath

Finnley in the ornament bowl

star from Grandma and Grandpa's Christmas bingo 2016 and framed Joy Hope Believe 

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